Yesterday, I saved my hotel copy of USA Today. I saved it mostly for the crossword (finished it too – yay!), which is one of my favorite activities between pushback from the gate and cruising altitude when I can’t use my laptop, but one story caught my eye:

Triathlons Pose a Greater Health Risk Than Marathons

Clearly the only reason I didn’t end up training for the half-Ironman while I was unemployed is because I’m a smart cookie and knew this story was coming.

However, if I did die in a triathlon, I would set a record as the youngest person to do so. Gotta look on the bright side!


  1. Reminds me of when people tell me that people die running marathons. People sitting on the couch all day eating chips is a much better option…

  2. I read an article about this in the NYT a while back…I can’t remember exactly what I read (don’t I sound smart! :) ) but I remember thinking there wasn’t THAT much need to worry…:)

  3. Just found your blog…I too struggle with the cocktails and running. Got a great 16 miler in yesterday, then rewarded myself with Chimays all night.

  4. I read that same story and thought the SAME THING! Ha.

  5. 14/922,810 x 100 = 0.0015%: so we have a 0.0015% chance of death during a triathlon. 99.9985% in our favor… that pretty much says it all :D

  6. Thanks, Laura. I’m always looking for good reasons to avoid exercising more than my minimal amount and this’ll do the trick.

    Love hearing about your new job!

  7. I’ll never forget sitting in a health benefits Q&A back in corporate hell when a mother of five proclaimed that she should get a discount because “it’s not like she drinks or runs marathons or anything.”

    I found it funny sitting in the back barking “but I do.. so what of it?”

    Then they announced my plan is $120/year cheaper than last year LOL

  8. Obviously, this is exactly why I forgo the triathlons as well ;)

  9. Ha – we travelers are sooo a like…. I tore out that article (small one – 4″ tops?) to remember to post about it on my blog soon too. Look for a late in the week post from me! :)

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  11. That, Laura, is why I don’t do triathlons (along with the long list of other reasons).

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