Biggest Loser Season Finale Tomorrow!

This has been a crazy week! Lots of long hours at work (with me absolutely loving the fact that 50 hours a week is considered long hours) kept me busy during the week, and then on the weekend I had my brother’s fiancee’s bridal shower (I was a bridesmaid so I was doing all the planning/hosting) and then Mother’s Day. My mom was at the shower, so I did some special stuff for her there, and then on Sunday, Boyfriend and I took his mom out for dinner, which went really well.

In other news, Boyfriend’s lease is coming up soon, and he’s decided it’s time to get a “big boy” place all to himself (no more roommates!). I’m trying to help him scout out a new apartment, preferably somewhere really close to me, but apartment hunting in New York is the worst. So many fake ads out there (bait and switch or just plain don’t exist), so many shoeboxes that cost half your salary… it’s a real chore to find a good place. On the plus side, my lease is up at the end of August, so this will give me a head start on what the market is like in different areas if I decide to move.

Tomorrow, though, I’m taking a break… because it’s Biggest Loser Season Finale night! I’m hosting some of my friends at my apartment to watch, and I’m really hoping that NBC will show my interview or me running the marathon with Dane and Blaine! I’ll end this post with some pics so you know who to look for :)


  1. Those pictures are awesome! I’m still in awe, you’re like a celebrity :-) I’ll have to watch for you on the biggest loser!!!

    I have a question for you, a couple of posts ago you mentioned something that you roll on your knees after a long run, I was wondering if you could give me more info about it? My knees always kill after any run longer than 8 miles and I need to do something about it!! Thanks :-)

  2. Yay I can’t wait to possibly see you in the finale! EEEE!

  3. Awesome!I’m so sad we don’t get the US Biggest Loser. The first year it started we got it and it was on weekly and rocked!

    Here they have it on every night, and it’s so boring. I haven’t watched it in years…

  4. SO SO excited for this finale!! Great pictures! I hope we get to see you too, that’d be so fun! :)

  5. I love the pictures! I will look for you on tv!! I cannot wait for the finale tonight!!

  6. you’re famous!!! haha! I will most definitely watch for you tonight!

  7. That is pretty fun! I hope that you get on.

    I may try to watch it in the gym tonight Absolut-style. :)

  8. I know I can’t wait to see what happens…though I will have to find out satellite is out! Though I could watch at the gym, but I am going at 5:15…so that would be a long day at the gym. Hope they show your interview! And any updates on that map you had showing the states you’d knocked out already?

  9. !!! So cool! I really hope we can see you on TV!!

    Good luck finding an apartment…Although I have a question: why don’t you two move in together? Or is it too soon? :)

  10. Good luck with the apartment hunting!

    I’ll be watching for you tonight on the Biggest Loser!

  11. You look FAB in those pictures…go! I wish I could watch the finale tonight, but I have class :(

    Be sure to give us a full report tomorrow!

  12. UGH, I hear ya . . . NYC apartment-hunting is THE WORST. But I’ve heard there are a lot of incentives out there right now, and the rental market is actually a lot better than it has been . . . maybe it will be easier than you think? I hope so!

    Can’t wait for TBL finale tonight!! I’ll be looking for you! :)

  13. ahh I forgot about TBL finale!! yay so excited :)

  14. Apartment hunting in NYC sounds like no fun at all? Do you watch the Kardashians? Khloe was looking for an apartment this last episode, and it was awful.

    Can’t wait for the BL finale! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a glimpse of you! Wish I had enough friends who watched to have a finale party! Have fun!

  15. How freaking cool. I might actually have to watch Biggest Loser tonight.

  16. If you are going to be on TV tonight, I am definitely going to need your autograph if you are going to be the pacer at the Vermont Marathon.

  17. Hey L – Thanks for responding back in my blog. My average time for the past 5 marathons are around 4:30. My goal is to complete the VCM under 4:15. I will probably stick with you since you will be 4:30 pacer. How cool is that? I will not be at the Pasta Dinner Saturday night. I do look forward to meeting you on race day.

  18. Just saw you on television! I’ve never commented on a blog before, but I had to say something!!!

  19. Woo Hoo!! I just saw your back in the nanosecond clip of the marathon! Yay you for the TV time!!! :)

  20. Those pics are so cool. I feel like a know a rock star!

  21. Hey cool. I caught glimpses of you on TV!!!!

  22. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the outcome of BL!!!

  23. I saw you twice on TV!!!! Now you can TOTALLY add “TV Star” to your accomplishments!!! Ok, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, but I still find it really cool!

  24. Can I have your autograph?

  25. Hmmm, your lease up, his lease up … give you any ideas?

  26. I saw a glimpse of that yellow jersey!! You’re famous now! :)

  27. I saw you on TV!!’re famous!

  28. This is awesome, Laura, congrats!

    BTW – not that you need it, but a good friend of mine is a NYC broker. She’s pretty cool – here’s her info if you are interested.

  29. Wow – I feel like you are a big celebrity for being on the TV. Cool.

    Hope to see you this Sunday!

  30. Hey Laura! I just found your blog and I’m loving it. I am a New Yorker as well, originally from the midwest. Anyways i love New York in all it’s craziness. I’m going to add you to my blogroll, come check mine out…’m sad to not have TBL tonight:( Can’t wait for the next season already!

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