The Best Sweatshirt Ever

Whenever I have a need to wear a sweatshirt, it’s usually one of the two bright pink ones I own that screams “CORNELL” in huge letters across the front. What can I say, I absolutely love my alma mater and I have a lot of school pride! Most Cornellians do, as evidenced by the fact that whenever I wear it around, I often get stopped by other alum who want to introduce themselves and maybe exchange a few stories about life “on the hill.” Boyfriend really hates when I wear it though. He thinks my obsession with Cornell is a little weird and pretentious (I am nothing like Andy on The Office, but he teases me that I am); he prefers that I don’t wear it when I’m out with him, though he doesn’t make a big deal about it when I do.

Yesterday I threw the sweatshirt on and we stopped at Starbucks to get coffee. While fixing it up with milk and sugar, a guy stopped me to ask if I was a Cornell student – he introduced himself as an alum from the 70s. I was pleased to meet him, and in the course of our chat, I asked him what he did now. Boyfriend was listening politely (though I could tell he was just building ammo with which to tease me later), but then the guy said something that has forever quelled Boyfriend’s Cornell sweatshirt hatred:

“I’m the chief corporate officer of Activision Blizzard – it’s a gaming company.”

Boyfriend’s jaw nearly fell on the floor. Blizzard makes World of Warcraft, a game that is his absolute favorite hobby. He’s long been checking the Blizzard careers website for opportunities that might fit his background, and dreams of working for them. Furthermore, when Boyfriend eventually gets a dog (he’s dying for a white Husky with blue eyes), he plans to name it Blizzard – Bliz for short.

I get to wear my sweatshirt everywhere we go now, and Boyfriend has never been more proud to have me as a girlfriend :)


  1. LOVE IT! That’ll show him! :)

  2. cute story ;)

  3. How fun!

  4. Great story!

  5. That’s hilarious! Love it.

  6. oh man i love when that kind of thing happens! How did you even keep a straight face during the convo.

  7. BOO YA! hehehehe. We know someone pretty high up at Blizzard too, and my husband would LOVE to work there. He is such a WoW addict!

  8. I have a husky and it is the sweetest dog ever! I hope he gets one, he will love the dog!

    That is so awesome you met someone like that just by wearing your sweatshirt! I have had that happen with my college and high school apparel but nothing as great as your story!

  9. Way too funny! My son plays WoW. Never again will Cornell or hot pink Cornell sweatshirts be dissed by him, I am sure.

  10. Haha cute story! Just had to jump in and say that my boyfriend LOVES World of Warcraft too (or WOW as he calls it). He can spend hours playing that game!

  11. So, did he get a business card so he can send in his resume? Cute story! And I hope your week goes well, as the RWTD is coming up!

  12. What a fun story!! When did you graduate from Cornell? My roommate graduated in 2007…

  13. Touchez! I’m applying to Cornell for grad school!

  14. As soon as I read the first paragraph of this I immediately thought of Andy from the Office, glad you could note that your pride is way less pronounced than his. Haha.

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  16. Small world!

  17. WoW is a boyfriend/husband stealer.

  18. I’m guessing your Marathon addiction complements his WoW dependency quite well.

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