I beat Palin!

Sarah Palin’s marathon time at Humpy’s Marathon: 3:58:36
My marathon time at Humpy’s Marathon: 3:56:55

Not only did I beat her by almost two minutes, but I smashed my own PR (4:02:25) by 5.5 minutes!!!

Full race report to come, but for now it’s time to head for the airport. 14 hours of travel to Alaska + 12 hours actually in Alaska + 14 hours traveling home = I am totally crazy, but also totally awesome!!!


  1. Awesome time. My pr is 3:59 – 2 times. Hoping to improve at St. George Utah marathon in Oct. Looking forward to your report.

  2. That is awesome! What a great time! :)

  3. OH.MY.GOD. A sub-4 marathon! Big congratulations! And to think you almost didn’t even get there! AND beat Sarah Palin! Go you! :)

  4. Wow…sub-4 marathon? After all the ones you’ve done? You are totally awesome! I have no words, no words! Congrats!

  5. HELL’S TO THE YIZZAY!!!!!!!!! Congrats girl!!!!!!

  6. holy wowsers. way to go girl! kicked palin’s booty AND broke 4 hours. WHOOO!

  7. Huge congratulations!!!! Looks like the race was meant to be!

  8. Whooo! GOOD job, especially after such a long trip!!!

  9. Nice work- great time!

  10. Awesome time. I bet you would have also made a better vice president as well… Way to go!!

  11. a sub 4?!? way to go that is awesome! and congrats on beating palin

  12. Good job!!

  13. Great job! That is an awesome PR! Must have been a great race!!

  14. congrats on the new PR! can’t wait to hear about the race!

  15. Breaking 4 is a big freaking deal! Congrats! (You should try to get back to Alaska this time of year and actually stay for a bit. It’s beautiful.)

  16. Awesome! Just think what you could do if you were “normal” and could arrive a day or two early to be rested! Just reading about your adventure getting to Alask has me tired!

  17. Congrats! That is an awesome time! I can’t wait for the race report! You are a rockstar! :)

  18. NICE WORK! And crazy amount of travel time for such a short time in Alaska. :)

  19. You are SUCH a rockstar! My favorite maniac!

  20. that is WAY badass :D go you!!!

  21. Congratulations, that is an excellent time!

  22. Congrats! Sub-4 is HUGE!!!

  23. so sneaky with the surprise marathon! congrats on your PR.

  24. Congrats on the PR and on making it to and from Alaska in a surprisingly short amount of time!

  25. WOOOOOO PR and sub 4! AWESOME job girlie!! cant wait to read the report on this one :)

  26. That is soooooo awesome. Sub 4 is a great milestone – and on such little sleep!!

    So, I suppose if you get a full 9 hrs of sleep, you’ll pull a 3:40, right?

  27. Super-fab and simply amazing! And way to go on beating Palin. :-)

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