Raking in the Big Bucks

In reviewing my 2010 health care plan elections, there is a new item listed under lifestyle bonuses to our healthcare flex spending accounts.

NEW for 2010! Participation in a Sports Program
Award: $50 for any of these programs
o Running in a marathon
o Playing on a team (softball, volleyball or similar team sport)
o Coaching a team

I really want to e-mail benefits and ask them if I can get the $50 for every marathon I complete. Perhaps they will say yes, thinking I can’t possibly do more than two or three. Little do they know!!!


  1. okay, totally delurking – but that is the funniest thing i have ever seen…little do they know hahahaha…

  2. that’s a great program. Here’s hoping my insurance will do the same.

    But, coaching? Seriously?

  3. What a great program! I’d love it if people paid me to run.

  4. haha LOVE that!! you definitely should ask :)

  5. Hahahaha, that would be AMAZING. I agree that you should totally ask!

  6. hahahah I love it!

  7. They would have absolutely no idea how much they would be forking over! That is awesome! : )

  8. That’s awesome.

    When I started my job, I found out that my company will sponsor 50% of my entry fees to local races. I had the same thought: Suckers! You punks just gave me a raise without knowing it!

  9. That is awesome. Any chance they’ve started hiriing over there??

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