Odd Moments in Online Dating

“Yeah, it’s my goal to be the youngest woman to run a marathon in all 50 states.”
“Oh wow, I think I read your blog. Are you the Laura from Absolut(ly) Fit?”

Yes, that’s me. Now you can read all about my life and decide if you still want that first date. While we’re at it, any other readers interested? I’ve always tried to write a pretty uncensored account of things (achievable only by not alerting friends/family to the fact that I have a blog and/or where to find it), but I have to admit it would be nice to not have to come up with witty little intros anymore!

(Name withheld for your privacy, you know who you are), please note that I’m actually really psyched about the date… just couldn’t resist a little sarcasm as fodder for my blog :)


  1. Very funny! Have a great date :)

  2. Ha ha ha, that’s awesome! I have similar feelings about my blog (which I am sooooo neglecting) because I have started dating someone after my divorce (completely unexpected) and I don’t want my ex or his friends to find it! It’s like, when you start a public blog and you’re seriously attached or married, of course you can mention your partner on the blog. But then when you start dating, the tables have turned!

  3. haha i think this date must have some potential since he’s a reader!! TOO funny. did this come from a dating site for runners?!

  4. That is too funny. Hopefully there will be a lot less awkwardness because of it! Have a great date!

  5. Aw Laura, back to the dating world… I understand what’s been up now. Not only will you totally get through it, you’ll remember how fun dating is (with the good, the bad, and the ugly…literally). :-) Have fun and live it up! (PS – I have a date on Thursday and I found HIS work blog. Good thing he’s funny.)

  6. are you hitting on me?

  7. THAT is too funny!!!! :P

    Enjoy the date!!! I’m finding it SO hard to meet men… Like seriously, where are the smart/funny/good-looking ones hiding?? lol!

  8. Haha! I like how it says “the Laura.” At least you guys probably have something in common that you can talk about! :) Have fun

  9. So maybe that happened to me once, but I was the reader in the situation. What a very small world we live in, thanks to the internet! Have a fantastic date!

  10. I like him already. :o)

  11. Too funny!!

  12. Hahaha toooo funny.

    I love the mystery date man already reads your blog. Does that mean he’s a runner too?

  13. Oooh have a great date!! Hopefully you’ll update us (although probably not since he reads :P) Hehe.

  14. OMG that’s awesome! At least you know you have 1 thing in common.

  15. Wow, that’s crazy! The world is way too small. At least you got all the annoying initial small talk out of the way!

  16. LOL @ Razz.

    You’re famous!! I’m sure that you get noticed all the time – and I am sure that it is surreal each and every time. :)

  17. I met my boyfriend thru my blog and it was the greatest thing to happen to me! Good luck girly! :)

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