Missing my drinks

I’ve been laying off the alcohol this week due to a few factors:
1) Still trying to get over this darn cold
2) Still trying to lose the 2349082 pounds and beer belly I gained in Punta Cana while drinking Presidente all day long and
3) Working too hard to have time to go out and drink

Nevertheless, I’d say on average I’m usually pretty far ahead of the trend. SIX drinks a MONTH for white women? Are they kidding me? That’s like what most people I know drink in one weekend (or less). I wonder what the sample population was. Maybe they did the study in Maine?


  1. Haha 6 drinks a month…that is so not realistic for most people…especially those of us who live in a city!

  2. That’s got to be a typo. I think they meant 6 drinks a week – and even that recommendation is a bit extreme lol

  3. Horray MEN!!! 22 drinks a month. Yesssssss

    Honestly that seems about right – but probably still a week bit low for me. I’m pretty solidly in the 25-30 drinks a month range.

  4. lol. I’d be hard-pressed to finish 6 drinks in a YEAR! I’m just not the biggest fan of alcohol and would much rather splurge on tastier fare (like baked goods!). That metality doesn’t really put me any farther ahead in terms of the scale though…. :)

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