As you all know, I’ve been pretty behind on my blog posting. However, I’m even further behind on my blog reading. Which was why I didn’t read my friend Rick Held’s blog until just now, when I saw the latest few posts.

The Last Run
To all of Rick’s followers and fans,

My dad had his last final run today. He passed away this morning doing what he loves… running. Please join us in praying for him.

Rick was a runner to the end, even making sure to watch the Hartford Marathon in the morning, before heading out for what we thought was to be a short run to get back in the swing of things. I do not know the name of the young lady who participated in the Hartford marathon yesterday, but he was excited to see you on the news and it was one of the last things we talked about.

Yes, that’s me, and in addition to being really sad to hear about his passing, I feel awful. Did I inspire someone to push themselves too hard?
Rick, you and your sunny, encouraging personality will be sorely missed. Happy running, wherever you may be, because I know that is what you will be doing.


  1. don’t feel guilty. you inspired him to get out and run. a heart attack doesn’t happen because of a run, it would’ve happened anyway. you inspired him to run, so he passed doing what he loves instead of sitting on the couch or something.

    he is missed by many! i think of him daily and hope i live life to the fullest like he always did.

  2. you shouldn’t feel bad at all. You inspired him to get out and make himself a better person. If anything, he should thank you!

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