Bon Voyage!

Today I’m off on my DIY fitness cruise, and I have a few rules to follow to ensure that I lose weight.

1. No elevators allowed. My stateroom is on the 8th floor, the main dining room is on 6, and the gym/fitness center/spa cafe are on 11. Lots of stair climbing!

2. Healthy food only. One treat allowed per day, but not a full portion of it either.

3. I brought two bottles of wine (Toasted Head Chardonnay and Toasted Head Merlot), and that is the only alcohol I will consume. Aside from the tequila tasting in Cozumel.

4. No food or drinks allowed without a workout first. Burn it to earn it! And yes, that means 3 (or more) workouts a day. I am SO in!

5. Finally, I am going to do a “cruise ship” marathon on board on Sunday. The track on the top deck is 14 laps to a mile, so that’s 367 laps around. Yikes! I’m committed though, probably even more so now that I am posting on my blog :)

Now, let’s see how I do…


  1. Have fun, and good luck!

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