New Marathon Club!

Me: Should I run the Roxbury Marathon tomorrow?
Me: It’s hilly and it’s going to be SUPER cold – 31 at 9am, 39 at noon
John: Yes. (wasn’t that easy?)
John: What time is the race?
Me: 8:30am, and they say add 40 mins to your usual time
John: That’s actually pretty nice weather for a marathon. But the hills though…
Me: It’s in CT – I’d have to be on a 5:40am train to get there
John: Now, the real question… why are you asking me when you know you’re going to do it.
Me: Oh, I actually don’t know… I am very undecided. Cold is extremely unappealing right now.
John: You could start a new group, instead of Marathon Maniacs it could be the Marathon Sluts. Marathoners that just can’t say no.
John: Now, this might sound weird. But I’ve heard that there are people out there that will go a whole weekend without running a race. Freaks!


  1. Much needed giggle from this post today.

  2. I second Erin G’s comments! Did John really say that to you…really!? :)

  3. so? did you run it??

  4. I don’t love “marathon slut”. How about “hopeless marathon romantic”?

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