Race Video: Reggae Marathon

Still not ready to go with my Reggae Marathon race report, but in the meantime, I can offer you a teaser: a quick video I put together with pictures from the race, complete with authentic music that was played along the course! (Best part is when Bob sings “hopeless sinners” right as you see me guzzling coconut water like a heathen.)

Anyway, I realize that you probably won’t understand what half of the pics are, but hey – that’s what the race report is for. Working on it!


  1. Enjoyed your vid. Must have been a great experience.

  2. Oh no! I just tried watching your video and it says, due to copyrights, it’s not permissible to watch anymore…?

  3. Darn it! I thought the music was free use, since I found it very easily online, but I guess not. Will try to fix a new version for most of you. Those not in the US or Germany can still watch away! (Do I have any readers that fit that demographic?)

  4. Just replaced the YouTube video with a Facebook version – hopefully that works?

  5. eh yes….I am not in either the US or Germany ! But I am not telling you where I am. But I will give you a hint…..my Blog name is an indication….
    Enjoy your blogs BTW. :-)

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