It’s too stressful to take a vacation

I have been swamped all week long! Taking one day off from work turns out to be pretty much the worst use of vacation time imaginable. I spent all last week trying to get ahead for stuff that was on Monday, and then spent all this week working my butt off to make up for missing Monday. The net of it all was that I probably put in more hours by taking a vacation day than I would have if I just worked! Oh, the irony…

Anyway, while I was in Europe, I had very limited internet access to post entries, and once I got back, I had very limited time to write posts, so over the weekend I caught up on posting what I had written in Europe and fleshing out the notes I had written during the week; all of these have been backdated to the days I wrote/conceived them. Since I know you all hate backdating (but I’m anal about wanting my entries to be dated when I actually wrote them), I thought I’d call attention to them in case you’re interested in reading back to any of them:

Hola from Madrid!
First Day on the Slopes of Chamonix!
Adventures in Cross Country Skiing
(Un)Happy Valentine’s Day
The Secret to Avoiding Jet Lag
Up in the Air
They Know Who I Am (TKWIA)
Food for Thought


  1. Had fun reading about your adventures. Your impulsive but well thought out (is that possible) decisions are inspiring!

  2. Just caught up on your blogs so I’m late to work but what the heck…loved the DYKWhatever(TKWIA) one the best!!! :)

  3. That makes sense…I was starting to think that Google Reader was just a week behind!!

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