Up in the air

I thought I blocked off every weekend in March to stay home, for a change. I thought wrong.

Yesterday, Delta made a huge mistake in pricing. When I say “huge,” I mean “this only happens every few years so jump on it while you can” – it lasted about 4 hours. Basically, they had all their US-Europe fares filed such that the international taxes were missing. The result? You could go roundtrip to Europe for less than $200, all-in. People were getting Philadelphia to Stockholm, for example, for $151, with all the fees included! Insane.

So while I may have kept all those weekends free with the intention of staying in NYC, it turns out that they were kept open for a different reason: so I could jet across the pond to Europe for a few different trips, covering over 32,000 miles and getting me that much closer to Gold status with Delta. Here’s what’s on the docket:
-Brussels from 3/3-3/6 for the Zythos Beer Festival (arguably one of the best in the world)
-Copenhagen from 3/17-3/21 to check out my old stomping ground with a coworker (I studied there for 6 weeks in the summer of 2006)
-Warsaw from 3/31-4/3 with my dad to visit all my relatives there, and then stopping in Paris for a night on the way home to visit my friend Héloïse.

I cannot wait!!! Though this does mean that starting next week, for the next two months, I will be spending only 7 nights in NYC… and many of those are me getting home at 10pm and being on a flight again in the morning at 6am. Yikes! Perhaps I should starting contemplating a subletter…


  1. dang girl! are you always watching the sites to catch these kinds of deals? i am jealous!

  2. Exactly, Lindsay. Next time if I can do it quickly enough, I’ll try to post it!

  3. wow! what amazing deals! i had no idea that kind of stuff existed…have fun!!

  4. Just discovered your blog… OMG you are awesome, so inspiring! I’m training for my very first HALF-marathon (age 37), so I have far to go!

  5. You’re killing me…

  6. Oh man! I wish I could have caught that…I’m supposed to go to France this summer for a couple of weeks on my own dime. Wowza!

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