Fending off the demons

This week has been a bit crazier than usual on the work front. With the end of the quarter coming up, I’m going nuts with all kinds of board reporting, much of which is getting thrown on me at the last minute. Furthermore, I started getting that nasty tickle in my throat last night. You know the one I mean – it’s the precursor to a fullblown illness? And to think that just Monday I was proudly telling my manager that I had made it through the whole winter without getting sick. Obviously I should have knocked on wood before making such a statement.

I woke up at 5:50am today, planning to go for a 6 mile or so run through DC (I’ve been inspired by all the great DC running blogs I’ve been catching up on lately). Instead, I found that my throat was almost swollen shut, and it was burning like crazy! Instead of going for a run, I opted for an extra hour of sleep, to try to fight off the sick demons.

All day, I sipped green tea and tried to will myself better… while dealing with an onslaught of work. While this week I was determined to get healthy from a diet perspective, I found that this particular sickness is one of those where you just want to eat everything all the time – no sooner do you finish eating than you can’t wait for the next meal. I managed to keep myself in check and mostly just eat my regular meals, but it was tough.

After work, we were meeting with some other client teams in the DC area from my company for a happy hour. From my perspective, the integration of my firm hasn’t gone that well, in that I’ve barely met anyone from my parent company (that I’m now supposed to be a part of), and I still feel totally isolated. Tonight’s happy hour was supposed to remedy that… but did I really want to go out for a night of drinking?

I settled the matter by nursing just one IPA (Northern Lights by Starr Hill Brewing Co) for a few hours, and then calling it quits super early. On the plus side, it’s now 8pm and I’m already in bed and about to go to sleep for the night. On the minus side, I really shouldn’t have had a beer if I’m trying to ward off this sickness before it becomes the flu (and no, I don’t really believe that alcohol kills off all the germs). This weekend, I’m off to Copenhagen and planning on a bike tour and long run – no time at all to be getting sick!

Hopefully my body learns that lesson while I sleep.


  1. What, beer doesn’t fend off illness? La-la-la-la… can’t hear you!

    Hope your body conquers whatever nasty germs are trying to get a foothold. Feel better soon!

  2. Take it easy, lady. Tea is good, but I find sleeping and eating whole foods (nothing packaged) is really helpful to get my body up and running. Hope you feel better!

  3. Oh no, hope you feel better soon! Try to get some rest and drink lots and lots of fluids!

  4. ughh feel better! I am sorry you are sick. It stinks to be sick, especially when you are traveling. I hope you get to enjoy DC!

  5. feel better soon!

    my coworker is off to copenhagen too! she got the same crazy delta deal that you did. im super jealous.

  6. I hope you feel better!

    I know a lot of people on the audit side of the company yours got acquired by (where I used to work!) but not on the consulting side.

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