Who knew?

Turns out that drinking a ton of Bailey’s on the rocks in the Sky Club bar does cure a cold. I am feeling 100% better, despite sleeping for less than 7 hours and on a plane to boot.

It also turns out that even if you only paid $151 for your ticket, if there is a mechanical delay for two hours (that actually works out for the better because you get to stay at the bar longer and you get into Copenhagen at a more reasonable hour), Delta will still give you a voucher for $200. Yes, that’s right – I basically got paid $50 to come to Copenhagen for the weekend.

Happy Friday everyone – skole!

P.S. I didn’t bother to change out of my work clothes for the overnight flight, so I actually did not make yesterday’s eCard goal. Oops.


  1. Wow, you totally lucked out with that voucher! And I have a friend who swears by Bailey’s as a way to ensure sound sleep on long flights :-).

  2. Mmm, Bailey’s. Next time I’m sick, I am TOTALLY going to make Bailey’s my medicine! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Also, yay for getting paid to travel to Copenhagen! That’s a sweet deal, for sure! Have fun!!

  3. Sounds like a cheap way to fly to Copenhagen! Lucky duck. Have a blast!

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