Goodbye, DC

Yesterday, I received some unexpected news: my project is being canceled, and today would be my last day in DC!

In the short term, I was really upset. I was upset that I got less than 24 hours notice and therefore wouldn’t get to go back to all my favorite places or say goodbye to all my friends. In the long term, I’ll be okay though – I’m teed up for a few projects that sound really interesting, and they’re in some good cities where I’d love to stay.

My project team went out for dinner and drinks last night until the wee hours. It was one of the best nights out I’ve had in months – I had a great time living it up with my coworkers one last time. So many hilarious stories that I will not be posting on this blog in the interest of self-preservation, but I’ll note that I did get to go back to my favorite bar in DC (Churchkey, which has an incredible beer collection), which was great :) I will miss that place.

So for the next few weeks (until I get on a new project), I’ll be back at home in NYC and “on the beach,” as we call it in consulting when you’re between projects. Usually “on the beach” doesn’t have anything to do with sun and sand, but in this case, I’m actually considering a beach getaway to take advantage of the fact that it’s easy for me to get time off. Will keep you posted on more details!

For now, DC bloggers, I’m so sorry to not get to plan that meetup with yoU :( Enjoy the cherry blossoms!


  1. Aww, sayonara! I hope you get a great vacation (possibly on the beach.)

  2. oh no!! just when we were going to wrangle you in for some hashing. what a bummer. best of luck to you though – i hope your next project is somewhere equally amazing!

  3. Good luck – but total bummer you will be leaving DC before a Blogger-meet up (I’m in DC). Have fun in NYC and on the actual beach!!! Where are you going? Have fun!

  4. The nice thing is…there is always another bar with great beer. But you still have to provide the friends. Enjoy the beach!

  5. welcome back to NYC! Your travels have been amazing to read!

  6. Booo I can’t believe you’re done in DC already and we didn’t get to meet up once!

    Enjoy your down time though before the next project ramps up!

  7. Enjoy the time “off”! I’ve found that when I most need downtime I never get it and when the company is threatening layoffs I’m unstaffed for 2 months. :)

    SO, I’ll bet you’ll be back at it in no time.

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