Already thinking about next weekend

This week is the beginning of August, and ever since I decided to do Alcohol-Free August, I’ve been getting pretty excited for it to start. This weekend I had a bit of a last hurrah going to bars with friends, but now that’s probably not going to be quite such a big part of my weekends. I don’t plan to turn down nights out simply based on the fact that I won’t be drinking – it takes a lot more willpower to go and order a seltzer than to skip an event entirely, and I’m looking forward to strengthening my willpower this month! However, while it often seems like going to bars is all anyone does on weekend nights (are my friends alcoholics??), the truth is that I live in New York City – there should be plenty of alcohol-free ways to have fun away from the bar scene.

In preparation for next weekend, I’ve started compiling a list of some of those activities. No excuses for not having something to do!

1. Learn to cook a new cuisine or complicated dish
2. Go to the movies (or, given the dearth of anything good this summer, stay home and watch a movie)
3. Organize a board game party
4. Go to one of the trendy “happy hour” evening workout classes
5. Go bowling
6. Watch the Olympics (particularly excited to host some breakfast viewing parties for the marathon events on August 5 and 12 – let me know if you are in the NYC area and are interested!)
7. Go to a comedy show
8. Host a dinner party

Any other ideas to add?


  1. Going on a hike/having a picnic! But I guess that counts as daytime activities.

  2. A board game party sounds like so much fun!!! And Olympics marathon breakfasts are also great ideas.

    I’m going to stay dry in August too, but mainly for weight-related reasons. The pounds have been creeping up on me this summer – too much wine :)

  3. Love the marathon breakfast idea!! I’d be down for the one on 8/12, for sure :)

  4. Shannon says:

    I’m a new New Yorker, training for my first NYCM and love the idea of the marathon events over breakfast. Would definitely join in the fun!

  5. I will be around for the marathon parties :)

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