Links I Love: April 13, 2014

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/iPad and enjoy :)

Links I Love

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Why Fostering a Culture of Compassion in the Workplace Matters. (Hotel News Now) 

Is Girl Speak Holding You Back? (Elle Magazine)

“Equal Pay Day” was celebrated this week, so I read a lot of interesting articles on the topic: Former Bank Executive: Women, Ask For A Raise! (NPR), Why Women Don’t Ask For More Money (NPR), Moving Past Gender Barriers to Negotiate a Raise. (New York Times)

How to Balance Your Life as a 20-Something Professional. (Under 30 CEO)

Great podcast on what it means to be a manager. (Quick and Dirty Tips)

Brilliant: A Simple Exercise Every Manager Should Do. (Levo League)

Are your employee friendships getting in the way? (Peter Bregman)


How To Motivate People – 4 Steps Backed By Science. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

You’re Not As Busy As You Say You Are. (Slate)

How To Leave Work At 5 P.M. And Still Get Everything Done. (Forbes)

3 To-Do List Mistakes (and how to fix ‘em!). (A Life Less BS)

No Work Emails After 6pm? No One Wants That In America, We’re Too Ambitious. (Thought Catalog)


Remember when I shared a link last week about how coffee can boost your memory? Well, here’s some bad news: Why your morning coffee may be killing your sex drive. (Well + Good NYC)

The surprising beach habit that may affect skin cancer risk. Uh oh, this is a staple for me. (Prevention Magazine)

Not All Artificial Sweeteners Are Created Equal. (Suppversity)

Can You Eat Too Much Kale? As with anything, the answer is yes. I will also add that I personally have had Vitamin A toxicity after eating too many carrots/squash. (Organic Avenue)

Related: The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater. (Northwest Edible)

Why fitness rest days are really not optional. I know this but frequently forget and get too caught up in MUST WORKOUT DAILY. This week, I canceled my Friday pilates class and turned that day’s workout into some less-intense time on the elliptical to give my sore muscles a chance to heal! (Well + Good NYC)

10 Ways to Level Up Your Life in 5 Minutes or Less. (Nerd Fitness)


Well-being is Topping To-do Lists for Global Travelers. (Hotel News Now)

How to plan the perfect European bicycle trip. (USA Today)

Puerto Rico Loses Tourism as Glowing Bay in Vieques Goes Dark. I really hope this isn’t permanent – I’ve been to Puerto Rico twice but haven’t made it to Vieques yet! (Skift)

Why Disney’s Magic Bands Are the Future of Mobile, Big Data and Personalization. (Skift)

The Origins of Mashup Marketing Terms Like ‘Bleisure’ and ‘Staycation’. (Skift)

How to Survive a Plane Crash. (Huffington Post)

Cost of Limes Is Too Sky High for Some U.S. Airlines. But I am drinking club soda with one right now on an AA flight! (Skift)

The New Pay-as-You-Go Model for Airport Lounges. (Skift)

The Business Class Seat of Tomorrow Will Blow Your Mind, and Freak You Out a Bit. (Skift)


Why are colleges discriminating against women? (Christian Science Monitor)

Related: Best, Brightest and Rejected: Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95%. (New York Times)

Another tricky area: the job market. But this article makes me think perhaps there’s another side to the unemployment story? The recovery puzzle: A new factory in Ohio struggles to match jobs to job-seekers. (Washington Post)

This article sparked some conversation on my Facebook page: Why I Won’t Be A Bridesmaid. Have to say that I completely disagree with it; I think it’s incredibly rude to turn down someone’s request to be their bridesmaid. If they are close enough to ask you, they are close enough for you two to discuss your financial situation and ways to make it work, whether it’s skipping the bachelorette party or compromising on less expensive bridesmaid dresses. (Harper’s Bazaar)

Finally, this video is sweet (albeit a bit unbelievable): Patches. (YouTube)

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