Links I Love: August 24, 2014

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/iPad and enjoy :)

Links I Love

Original image source: Mike Licht


7 Science-Backed Ways to Seem Smarter at Work. (The Muse)

Work Martyr Complex’ Emerges at Expense of Americans’ Health and Well-Being. (Hotel News Now)

To Work Better, Work Less. (The Atlantic)

Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Bad to Bring Devices on Vacation. (Skift)


Tool: Parse Emails. (Zapier)

4 Ways Startups Can Build Relationships With Reporters. (Entrepreneur)

When It Comes to Your Goals, Late is Always Better Than Never. (Time Management Ninja)

New technique to try: defensive pessimism. Great for control freaks like me! I am anxious. (Mizfit Online)

How to Put Your Mind to Sleep. (Crew Labs)


Why Are So Many Low-Income People So Overweight? (Pacific Standard)

19 Reasons To Start Running. (Huffington Post)

Once you’ve been running for a while, this will be hilarious: Hills: The Road Runner vs Ultra Runner Approach. (What is Ultra?)

This is really cool! – Power Your Smartphone With Your Sweat. (Prevention Magazine)

Mini Golf as Career? Really informative about a sport I didn’t know existed as a pro sport, but I have to say that my biggest takeaway is that for $25 I can become a professional mini-golfer and have a great conversation starter! (New York Times)


The Best Way to Get Good Sleep on a Plane, According to Science. (Skift)

First-Time Chinese Tourists Encounter ‘The Paris Syndrome’. (Skift)

7 Steps to a Cheaper Hotel Room. (New York Times)

I love this idea! Robotic hotel staff: A byte to eat. (The Economist)

Related: May I Take Your Order? Please ‘Touch’ Here! (Hotel News Now)

Pittsburgh International Airport: One way to save a dying airport. (The Economist)

This is a really cool experiment: Airport tests new way to avoid deadly bird strikes: Tall grass. (USA Today)

Future of Flight: Envision a More Enjoyable Trip. (NBC)

Things Colorado Does Better Than Anywhere Else. Yes, yes, and yes! (Thrillist)


Panic time! Nutella shortage possible after hazelnut crop wiped out. (New York Post)

This is great! A Little Known Robin Williams Story. (Brian Lord)

Achieve Success: Cut Toxic People Out! (LevoLeague)

I helped bankroll my brother — and came to regret it. (The Week)

Finally, to end with a smile :) The Cast Of The Lion King Got On A Public Train…And The Most Incredible Thing Happened. (Dose)

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