Links I Love: August 30, 2015

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy :)

Links I Love

Original image source: Mike Licht


Jeff Bezos responds to brutal NYT story, says it doesn’t represent the Amazon he leads. (Geek Wire)

The Key to Customer Experience is Being Awesome with People. (Full Contact)

Knowledge@Wharton – Why Companies Need Their Customers to ‘Love’ Them. (Hotel News Now)

Three warning signs you’re not solving a meaningful problem for your customers. (David Jaxon)

6 Mistakes You Might Not Realize You’re Making at Work. (Greatist)

10 overly ‘creative’ ways to apply for a job. (Fortune Magazine)

7 Manager Personalities You’re Bound to Encounter—and How to Work Well with ‘Em All. (Levo League)

The Case Against Full-Time Employees. (LinkedIn)

Don’t Call Me A ‘Mompreneur’. (Medium)

14 incredible perks for new parents beyond paid parental leave. (Business Insider)

How To End The “Office Housework” Gender Bias. (Fast Company)

He Never Gave His Last Lecture. (LinkedIn)

Why this personality type is happy making less money. (Business Insider)

This Is How Business Travel Will Slowly Kill You (If You Let It). (Skift)


5 Ways to Communicate Better with Your Remote Coworkers. (Levo League)

7 Tips to Keep Your Meetings to a Manageable Size. (Time Management Ninja)

Getting from Too-Busy to Important. (Patty Azzarello)

Don’t Be Efficient, Be Effective. (Deep Existence)

The Gods of This Day. (Zen Habits)

How to Use Simple Checklists to Boost Efficiency and Reduce Mistakes. (Zapier)

Worried About What You’re Not Doing. (Zen Habits)

How Pursuing a Quest Can Bring Purpose to Your Life. (Medium)


3 Ways to Use Tracked Data to Meet Your Goals. (My Fitness Pal)

7 Reasons to Never Miss a Monday Workout. (Daily Burn)

Are You Addicted to Sugar? Here’s How to Break the Cycle. (Daily Burn)

Does Drinking Alcohol Trigger Overeating? (My Fitness Pal)

The Pilates Myth. (Refinery 29)

How to Do a Pistol Squat. (FitFluential)

The Key To Running Faster That Has Nothing To Do With Running. (Huffington Post)

7 Habits of Highly Effective (Trail) Runners. (Rock Creek Runner)

This American Runner Proves Why You Should *Always* Follow Through. (Levo League)

She May Be Small, but Kaci Lickteig (the Pixie Ninja) Is a Giant in Ultrarunning. (New York Times)

What Do People Think About When They’re Running? (The Atlantic)

The Ugly Side to Running. (Laura Schwecherl)

7 Lies All Runners Tell. (Run Selfie Repeat)

8 Tricks To Make Yourself Wake Up Earlier. (Fast Company)

9 Ways to Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep. (Daily Burn)


The Expert-Approved Guide to Sleeping on a Plane. (Greatist)

The Secret to a Successful Airline Customer Service Twitter Account. (Skift)

The Next Great Untapped Airline Fee Is Getting off the Plane First. (Skift)

New York LaGuardia’s Makeover Looks Nice But It Fails to Fix Some of the More Severe Issues. (Cranky Flier)

A tale of two airports: DAL traffic is up a lot, DFW traffic a little since Wright amendment went away. (Dallas Morning News)

5 Millennials Explain What’s Wrong With Traditional Hotel Meetings. (Skift)

What Happens When You Read a Stack of Travel Magazines at the Beach. (Skift)

Tourist Unclear On Concept Of Wild Animals Demands Yellowstone Provide Better Bears. (Jezebel)


Helpful! – How Many Times Has Your Personal Information Been Exposed to Hackers? (New York Times)

Dad Mandates Strict Rules for Daughters’ $20M Inheritance. (MSN)

30 Things We Do In Our 30s That We Didn’t Do In Our 20s. (Huffington Post)

33 Things to Quit Doing When You Hit Your 30s. (Levo League)

What Will Happen If I Don’t Take My Phone Out Right Now. (New Yorker)

Why Taylor Woolrich Wanted A Gun. (Buzzfeed)

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Hit Song? (NPR)

The Story Behind the One-Pan, Nine-Minute Pasta Recipe That Took Over the Internet. (Slate)

Ha! Kitchen gadgets review: the Egg Master – a horrifying, unholy affair. (Guardian)

Finally, for a laugh: Perhaps…. (Medium)

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  1. Thanks for sharing so many interesting articles. I’m saving the article about sleep on planes. I have problems sleeping on red eye flights.
    marla recently posted…Comment on My Favorite Things by Marla YoungMy Profile

  2. I went through the 33 things that you stop doing when you’re in your 30s. Sadly, I still do like 5-7 of them. Crap.
    Boring Adam recently posted…Briefly Boring: Scars and BeerMy Profile

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