How a TED Talk Saved My Day

Today was a big day at work – I had the opportunity to go before a group of leaders at my client and make a controversial presentation. I worked my butt off all this week prepping materials and support, and woke up this morning nervously excited. I spent the morning making some final finishing touches, but then I had something happen that left me in tears just minutes before my presentation. HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!

Well, thank goodness for power posing. I watched Amy Cuddy’s speech as part of my TED talks New Year’s resolution last year, and when I didn’t know what to do today, the idea of trying out her tips occurred to me. I strode briskly to the conference room, stood in the superman pose outside as I chit chatted with coworkers, and then did my best to take up space and be grounded in my chair while we sat around the conference table discussing. While I wasn’t quite as confident or polished as I would have liked (next time!), the meeting ended with the best outcome I could have possibly hoped for – and I think the power poses helped me get through that tricky time.

Check out the 20 minute video below. You never know when it might save the day!


  1. Wow, just wow! That was a powerful TED talk and obviously Ms. Cuddy and YOU are on to something! Sharing this widely may just offer someone the tools they need to “spin straw into gold.” Glad that you were able to pull it out when needed most!

  2. That’s one of my favourite TED Talks. I think Amy Cuddy is wonderful.
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