Links I Love: February 14, 2016

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy :)

Links I Love

Original image source: Mike Licht


How to talk about money in a job interview without making it awkward. (Business Insider)

Accenture Is the First Big Consulting Firm to Publish Race and Gender Stats. (Fortune Magazine)

One way women have it better than men at work. (Washington Post)

For Every ‘Yes’ Man at Work, There’s a ‘No’ Woman. (New York Magazine)

Eight Career Skills You Need To Be Competitive In 2016. (Fast Company)


Impromptu Meetings: Cutting Down on Drop-Ins and Got-a-Minutes. (Laura Stack)

How The Most Successful People Ask Questions. I came across this just a few hours after writing my learning to ask for help post, and it was a great tie-in! (Fast Company)

How Do You Spot A Nonconformist? You Can Start With Their Internet Browser. (NPR)

Rules for Getting Organized & Decluttered. (Zen Habits)

If you’re the one making the rules, you can change them. (Yes and Yes)

Maria Konnikova on How we Get Conned. (Farnam Street)

Why people cheat. (Washington Post)

How to Hold Up Your Hustle When You’re Feeling Discouraged. (A Pop of Style)

How To Get More Energy: 8 New Secrets Backed by Research. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

How to Use Grocery Store Circulars To YOUR Advantage, Not Theirs. (Casual Kitchen)


In Baby’s ‘First Bite,’ A Chance To Shape A Child’s Taste. (NPR)

Drive Thru 101: What to Eat When You Need a Quick Bite. (Fitfluential)

Husband loses 100lbs to be able to donate his kidney to his wife. (Daily Mail)

18 Simple Tips for Cutting 100 Calories. (My Fitness Pal)

Diet or Exercise: Which Is More Important for Weight Loss? (Greatist)

The Naked Truth: I Kind Of Hate The “Love Your Body” Trend. I love Taylor’s honesty on this controversial topic! (Lifting Revolution)

Why some people never seem to get running injuries. (Well & Good NYC)

Winter Hiking. (Cool of the Wild)

Valentine’s Day Adventures. (Cool of the Wild)


A Subscription Service for Unlimited Monthly Flights Is Here. (Skift)

Scientists may have at last found a way to beat jet leg. (Economist)

What does the rise of adult-only hotels mean for business travellers?. (Economist)

World’s Weirdest Travel Signs. (Budget Travel)

Why it won’t work, Boulder… Bums me out that Starla doesn’t love it here, but I understand that everyone has their own ideal place! (My Year of Dating Cities)


Kind-Hearted Reality Shows I Would Like To See. (The Toast)

Nick Hornby Reminds us Why We Love Books (Sometimes). (Farnam Street)

How Did the ‘Lazy Girl’ Take Over the Internet? I hadn’t heard of this trend but when I checked out some of the links I realized I’d definitely seen the theme of “how to do everything as easily as possible”. What happened to working hard for success? (New York Magazine)

Dating in the 90s vs. Today. (Victoria Fedden)

The Thing About Love. (Kelly in the City)

Couples Get Engaged Way Later Than You Think. (Greatist)

How to Embrace Your Time Being Single. (The Every Girl)

Finally, for a laugh: 12 Toddler Rules For Eating Dinner. (Honest Toddler)

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  1. Really enjoyed the article “How to Embrace Your Time Being Single” by The Every Girl.

    I always look forward to the links you share!
    Tracy Schwartz recently posted…This Friday….Lets talk FriendsMy Profile

    • I loved that article because I completely agree – I think being single is exactly the time to work on yourself and improve. You’ll never be happy with someone else if you can’t be happy on your own.

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