Links I Love: August 7, 2016

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy :)

Links I Love

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In a Job Interview, This is How to Acknowledge Your Weaknesses. (Medium)

6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working. (Man Repeller)

Brainstorming Is Dumb. (Fast Company)

35 Etiquette Tips For Doing Business Around The World. (Business Insider)

What It’s Like To Be A Woman In A Man’s World. (Refinery29)

Young men oblivious to gender pay gap. (Financial Review)

The Unique Tyranny of the Summer Office Blanket. (Elle Magazine)

The 7-Day Work Week Experiment — And the Wisdom of The Day of Rest. (Medium)

Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (The Real Reason For The Forty-Hour Workweek). (Films for Action)

If You Don’t Choose Your Work Habits, Your Habits Will Choose You. (Cal Newport)

3 Essential Steps To Take At Work Before Leaving For Vacation. (Fast Company)


What Great Listeners Actually Do. (Harvard Business Journal)

This Is How To Easily Improve Your Body Language: 4 Proven Secrets. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

How to Train Your Mind to See the Good in Every Situation. (Under 30 CEO)

Five Reasons to Set Impossible Goals: Don’t Be Afraid to Push Yourself Too Hard. (Laura Stack)

A Simple Declutter Habit: Leave No Trace. (Zen Habits)

When a Child Thinks Life Is Unfair, Use Game Theory. (New York Times)


5 Tips to Deal with Insomnia. (Gretchen Rubin)

The reason runners have bad skin…. (Furthermore from Equinox)

10 things you only understand if you do boot camp. (Well & Good NYC)

The Surprising Health Benefits of an Electric Bike. (New York Times)

The 10 Most Incredible Hiking Trails in the World. (Daily Burn)


8 hotel groups that are ushering in a new age of healthy travel. (Well & Good NYC)

The 3 American Cities That Should Host the Summer Olympics. (Thrillist)

Olympics Tourists Will See Different Sides of Rio Depending on Which Events They Attend. (Skift)

Why modern millennial vacations are all about bragging rights. (Fox News)

#AskIvanka: Business Travel. (Ivanka Trump)

Sick of walking through long airport terminals? Just ride on your suitcase. (Fox News)

DEN installs nearly 10,000 charging outlets. (Future Travel Experience)

The Cheapskate Guide To: Chicago. (Yes and Yes)

Small town America really does exist, in Louisville, Colorado. This is my neighborhood! (Irish Examiner)

22 Camping Food Hacks That Are Totally Brilliant. (BuzzFeed)


Why You Should Be Braking With Your Left Foot. (Thrillist)

Linguistics Explains Why Ending a Text With a Period Is So Awful. (New York Magazine)

The Story Behind Monopoly Pieces. (Cool Material)

Is The Student Loan Crisis Fact Or Fiction? (NPR)

It’s Time To Start Telling Our Friends How Much Money We Make. (Daily Muse)

Finance knowledgebase – links to all the best articles. (Honestly Now)

6 Secrets of Women Who Live Fabulously. (PureWow)

An Ex-“Bachelor” Contestant Remembers Being Humiliated by the Creator of “UnREAL. (Cosmopolitan)

14 Self Date Ideas – Fun Things You Should Try On Your Own!. (Yes and Yes)

Confused Why Donald Trump’s Message Is Resonating?. (Medium)

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