Links I Love: November 27, 2016

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy :)

Links I Love

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The Five Best Questions To Ask In an Interview. (US News)

How do I become a data scientist without a PhD?. (LinkedIn)

5 Tips for Getting Good Feedback. (Ivanka Trump)

How To Make the Most of Your Year-End Performance Review. (Fast Company)

5 Things You’re Forgetting to Ask During Your Review. (Daily Muse)

Promotions & Raises. (Ivanka Trump)

Does Your Work Meet Your Needs? (LinkedIn)

Want to Quit Office Life to Work With Your Hands? Ask These Guys. (New York Times)


Fill Up Your Calendar Before Others Do. (Time Management Ninja)

Forget Inbox Zero: Manage Your Inbox Better with These Smart Email Workflows. (Zapier)

How I’ve Increased my Productivity Tremendously this Month. (Your Trainer Paige)

How Your Mood in the Morning Affects Your Productivity All Day. (Zapier)

12 things successful people do every Friday afternoon. (Business Insider)

Feeling Unmotivated Lately? Stop Relying on Feeling Motivated. (Your Trainer Paige)

This Is How To Overcome Social Anxiety: 5 Powerful Tips Backed by Research. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)


Why You Should Plan for Sleep All Day – And How. (Sprezzaturian)

The 4-hour sleep schedule for highly effective and successful people. (Sprezzaturian)

Can cheese help you live longer? A new study links one type to longevity. (Well & Good NYC)

Regular Milk May Beat Low Fat for Kids. (New York Times)

How Much Is Your Diet Costing You?. (Lending Tree)

Diet or Exercise: Which is Better for Weight Loss? (Hello Healthy)

The Art of Drinking Without Putting on Weight. (Thrillist)

Related: The Best Possible Workout if You Like to Drink. (Thrillist)

Jogging the Brain. (New York Times)

Are Ultras The New Marathons?. (Q by Equinox)

And if you really get into ultras: How to Run Across the Country Faster Than Anyone. (New York Times)

Walk to Run: How Frequent Strolls Could Improve Your Marathon. (Run to the Finish)

Similar: How a Run-Walk Strategy Might Help Your Marathon. (New York Times)

Wild Swimming in Cold Water and 13 Tips to Get You Started. (Cool of the Wild)

How Getting out in Nature Can Improve Your Health. (Hello Healthy)


The Record-Breaking Mountain Top Wedding. (Shape Magazine)

15 Countries You Should Visit Before You Turn 30. (Thrillist)

The radical plan to destroy time zones. (Washington Post)

Don’t Get Blacklisted When You Travel: Here’s How. (LinkedIn)

Everybody counts. (Airport World)

Airfare war for European flights drives down cost of plane tickets from Denver. (Denver Post)

50 U.S. Airports Tack on $183 Million for Taxi Rides Home. (Skift)

Invitation to tea and cake at Delta security office, JFK on Friday 9th September. This is hilarious! (Flyertalk)

Revealed: The worst blunders made by pilots before a crash. (New Zealand Herald)


The 19 People You See at Every Beer Festival. (Thrillist)

A financial planner explains why lifestyle creep is such a huge problem for people in their 30s. (Business Insider)

11 Ways to Practice Gratitude Without a Gratitute Journal. (Yes and Yes)

How to do a news detox while still staying informed. (Well & Good NYC)

Meet the Leading Expert on American Political Leaders’ Health, and His ‘West Wing’ Doppelgänger. (New York Times)

The 100-Percent Rule: The Simple Advice That Changed My Life. (Greatist)

Things You’re doing Wrong While Cooking Pasta. (Thrillist)

Op-Ed: I Hate Being A Little League Dad. (Q by Equinox)

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