Links I Love: November 5, 2017

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy :)

Links I Love

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Want to land your dream job? When you apply might affect your odds. (Well & Good NYC)

How the Unconventional Job Seeker Gets the Job. (LinkedIn)

We’ve Never Calculated How Long People Stay at Our Company… Until Now. (Thrive Global)

An Ex-Googler on How to Network Authentically. (Heleo)

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The Improbable Origins of PowerPoint. (IEEE Spectrum)

There’s precedent for Amazon competing with so many companies. It doesn’t end well.. (Quartz)

Unintended Consequences of Sexual Harassment Scandals. (New York Times)

In a Superstar Economy, a Bull Market in Superstar Harassers. (New York Times)


The First Hour: Creating Powerful Mornings. (Zen Habits)

Forget Mornings: Here’s How to Design the Best Afternoon Routine, According to Research. (Zapier)

How to plan your most productive workday ever. (Well & Good NYC)

The Best Time of Day to Do Everything, According to Science [Infographic]. (HubSpot)

10 Time Management Tips for Beginners. (Time Management Ninja)

This New Study Shows That People Who ‘Think Backwards’ Are More Successful. (Inc)

Everybody wants to make better decisions, but nobody is asking the right questions. (Quartz)

How to have meetings that don’t suck. (Slack HQ)

Beware of Attention Leaks (The Science of Gaining Focus). (Thrive Global)

New Neuroscience Reveals 2 Rituals That Will Make You More Mindful. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Seven Ways to Reduce Stress in Anxious Times. (Wall Street Journal)

And the happiest city in America is…. (Well & Good NYC)

No Purpose? No Problem. (NewCo Shift)

To cure affluenza, we have to be satisfied with the stuff we already own. (Guardian)

Personal Finance and the Paradox of Choice. (The Simple Dollar)

A Lazy Person’s Guide to Happiness. (The Atlantic)

How to Be the Most Interesting (and Interested) Person in the Room. (Heleo)

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The effect of emotions on your behaviour depends partly on your expectations. (British Psychological Society)

How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser (Without Being a Jerk). (Greatist)

10 ‘bad’ habits that are actually signs you’re smarter than you think. (Business Insider)

Secrets Of The Most Resilient People. (Fast Company)

When Fear is Fun. (Furthermore from Equinox)


For Your Brain’s Sake, Keep Moving. (New York Times)

Hilarious: List: 5 Reasons Treadmill Desks Are the Next Big Thing. (McSweeneys)

What Half-Marathons Teach Us About Running a Marathon. (New York Times)

Saunas May Be Good for Blood Pressure. (New York Times)

Sleep should be prescribed’: what those late nights out could be costing you. (Guardian)

Why “gaining an hour” can make you more tired—and how to fix it. (Well & Good NYC)

31 Science-Backed Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain. (Greatist)

Price Matters, in Patients’ Minds. (New York Times)


Airline Data Powerhouse Needs to Evolve as Fast as Airfares Have. (Skift)

U.S. Airlines Are Seeing Higher Costs Eat Into Profits. (Skift)

More airlines are offering free Wi-Fi for messaging services. (Economist)

Air France-KLM CEO Touts His Millennial-Focused Airline That’s Really for Everyone. (Skift)

Business of Loyalty: United Airlines Appoints a New Head of Loyalty. (Skift)

When the IFE system can watch you back. (Wandering Aramean)

Singapore Airlines Unveils a Massive First-Class Suite to Compete with Gulf Rivals. (Skift)

Are Google and Facebook helpful to airlines, or just helping themselves?. (Tnooz)

Operation Care-Lift: Spirit, Lufthansa Technik Team Up for Puerto Rico Relief Flights. (Airways Magazine)

As Airlines Aim For Autonomous Flight, Near-Term Revolution Will Be Going Single Pilot. (Forbes)

Feels good!. (Airport World)

This Airport Dog Got the Most Over-the-Top Retirement Bash. (Time)

Travelers Get Candid About Their Struggles With Permanxiety. (Skift)

Related: The Hassle of Flying in an Age of Permanxiety. (Skift)

Destinations go digital – quirky campaigns that help tell a story. (Tnooz)

Tourism Is the Biggest Loser So Far in Spain-Catalonia Standoff. (Skift)

Waymo Is Converting Standby Drivers In Driverless Cars Into Mere Passengers. (Skift)

The Great Travel Bucket List: 50 Things to Do Abroad Before You Die. (Thrillist)


The internet just learned what the division symbol actually means and they can’t handle it. Am I dumb that this was news to me?! (Some Ecards)

Spotify’s Discover Weekly: How machine learning finds your new music. (Hacker Noon)

How to Politely Avoid a Phone Conversation. (Daily Muse)

Children Need Close Pals, Not Popularity. (Wall Street Journal)

Why Mormon Beauty Bloggers are Taking Over Your Instagram Feed. (Allure Magazine)

New Neighbors, New Considerations. (New York Times)

Whole Foods Has a New Self-Serve Mac & Cheese Bar. It’s coming to Colorado first!! (Thrillist)

What’s in That $5 Bottle of Trader Joe’s or Target Wine?. (Vine Pair)

Wild Horses and the Inmates Who ‘Gentle’ Them. (New York Times)

And finally, for a laugh: 30 tweets that will make women unanimously say ‘preach.’. (Some Ecards)

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