Links I Love: December 10, 2017

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy :)

Links I Love

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Here’s the 1 Trait Hiring Managers Seek Most. (US News)

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Summary & Profile To Get Jobs. (Up To Work)

How To Design Your Ideal Workday Based On Your Sleep Habits. (Fast Company)

Silicon Valley Is Sneaking Models Into This Year’s Holiday Parties. (Bloomberg) I tried to go to a restaurant in San Francisco on Thursday only to discover it was closed for a corporate holiday party. Maybe I should have just tried to sneak in if there were strangers there anyway :)

In Defense of Laziness. (Better Humans)

The compelling case for working a lot less. (BBC World)

Excitement Shifts To Concern After Coworker Brings Baked Goods Into Office For Fourth Consecutive Day. (The Onion)


How To Become Highly Influential With People (and the #1 tool to do it). (Thrive Global)

How to Be Smarter Than People Smarter Than You. (Medium)

The 3 Most Important Things I Know About Consumers I Learned From Bartending. (Medium)

Saying “No” with Grace. (Jocelyn Glei)

Self-Signaling: How Our Actions Can Change Who We Are. (Medium)

38 Things To Declutter From Your Life. (

How to Finish Everything You Start. (Heleo)

Practical Self-Motivation: Four Ways to Make Yourself Do Things You Don’t Want to Do. (Laura Stack)

5 Strategies to Make Yourself Work When You’re Just Not in the Mood. (Heleo)

Why we don’t do what we should be doing?. (Medium)

When Does Work Actually Get Done?. (Priceonomics)

Why Trying New Things Is So Hard to Do. (New York Times)

Struggling Against Good Decisions with Bad Results. (The Simple Dollar)

3 Keys to Emotional Stability. (Deep Existence)

The scientific reason it makes you happy to name your car—but not your yoga mat. (Well & Good NYC)

Why you’re never really happy with the things you buy anymore. (Popular Science)

This Is How To Create Happy Memories That Will Last A Lifetime: 3 Secrets From Research. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

How to Deal When the Holidays Aren’t Exactly Happy. (Greatist)

Smartphones Harm Your Productivity More Than You Think. (Medium)

A Brilliant, No-Fail Approach to Resolutions. (My Fitness Pal)

Why You Should be Planning for 2019, Not 2018. (Medium)

Stop Calling Your Hard Work Luck. (Run to the Finish)

How To Change The Story In Your Head That’s Stopping You From Succeeding. (Thrive Global)

Which of these habits is keeping you from being a great communicator?. (TED Talks)

Deliberate Experiments, Personal Finance, and Living a Better Life. (The Simple Dollar)


Have we reached a whole new level of TMI with “smart” condoms?. (Well & Good NYC)

Being a pup parent increases your lifespan, research shows. (Well & Good NYC)

This company wants to stop food allergies before they start. (Mashable)

The Picasso of smoothies makes blends almost too pretty to drink. (Well & Good NYC)

Skip Low-Fat Avocados. (Furthermore from Equinox)

What’s in Kombucha, Anyway?. (Greatist)

Why Are People So Scared of Flu Shots (and Do They Have a Point?). (Greatist)

Cannabinoids might be effective for treating cancer, according to new research. (Well & Good NYC)

Women More Likely Than Men to Die in First Year After Heart Attack. (New York Times)

Is Your Workout Giving You TMJ Pain?. (Furthermore from Equinox)

7 Women Who Workout At 4 A.M. Share How They Do It. (Shape Magazine)

The Nike Pro Hijab is here—and it’s a game changer for top athletes. (Well & Good NYC)

Meet ‘Supergirl,’ the World’s Strongest Teenager. (New York Times)

Want to Run a Fast 5K? Let Your Dog Pull You to Greatness. (Runners World)

NYC Marathon could be Shalane Flanagan’s last race. (Sports Illustrated)


How to sleep well on a plane—even in coach. (Well & Good NYC)

How airlines are squeezing more seats onto their planes. (Economist)

Bomb on board wi-fi network causes Turkish Airlines flight to be diverted. (Reuters)

Air Canada Adds Free Wi-Fi for Elite Travelers. (Skift)

US DOT withdraws proposed rulemakings on airlines’ ancillary fees. (Tnooz)

Related: American’s Rationale For Expanding Basic Economy to Mexico and the Caribbean Sounds Like Garbage, But It’s Probably Not. (Cranky Flier)

Delta and Partners Will Charge for Checked Bags on Cheapest Transatlantic Fares. (Skift)

Ryanair marketing chief on what the Amazon of travel means for 2018 and beyond. (Tnooz)

Allegiant Air Agonizes Over New Routes for Months or Even Years. (Skift)

Airlines get ready to embrace unmanned aviation. (Tnooz)

Airlines Ponder How to Respond as Air Rage Incidents Increase Markedly. (Skift)

Why plane passengers disembark on the left-hand side. (Daily Mail)

How Technology Can Help With Airport Management. (Airport World)

Restaurant and bowling alley opens in abandoned air traffic control tower. (Telegraph)

Dad’s Instagram about hotel carpets earns half a million followers in a week. (Fox News)

Hotels are finding out what amenities guests really want. (Economist)

Technology Is Top of Mind for Hotels. (Skift)

Related: Hilton Unveils Plans for Its Smart Hotel Room Rollout in 2018. (Skift)

I Put Duolingo to the Ultimate Test in Europe to See if It Actually Works. (Thrillist)

Paris Is Installing Sparkling Water Fountains All Over the City. (Conde Nast)

Africa Edges Toward Adoption of Visa-Free Travel. (Skift)

National Parks Fee Hike Could Decrease Tourism Spending in Local Communities. (Skift)

Why Throwing Away My Bucket List Made Me a Better Traveler. (Thrillist)


New York City Has Genetically Distinct ‘Uptown’ and ‘Downtown’ Rats. (The Atlantic)

Randi Zuckerberg says she was harassed on a plane. (CNBC)

Why a High Income Doesn’t Guarantee You’ll Retire Rich. (The Simple Dollar)

What the Rich Won’t Tell You. (New York Times)

Not Saving Enough? The Reasons Why Might Surprise You. (The Simple Dollar)

Would you buy (cheap) expired food to cut down on food waste?. (Well & Good NYC)

People Are Revealing Their Most Genius Instant Ramen Hacks on Reddit. (Thrillist)

He’s 22. She’s 81. Their Friendship Is Melting Hearts.. (New York Times)

The date hack that keeps Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s relationship healthy. (Well & Good NYC)

If You’re Having Kids In Your Late ’30s, a ‘View’ Cohost Has a Message for You. (Glamour Magazine)

Tiger Mothers: Raising Children The Chinese Way. (NPR)

American children are drowning in self-esteem. (1843 Magazine)

How to Help Your Kid Become ‘Rejection-Proof’. (Lifehacker)

5 Lessons From a Diplomat for Bridging the Parent-Teacher Divide. (New York Times)

Table-top generals. (1843 Magazine)

How to Get Your Mind to Read. (New York Times)

I Love Pictures of Real People on Clothing Sites. (Racked)

Licensed marijuana businesses operate in the shadows without access to banks. (San Diego Union Tribune)

Card Skimmer Scams Are on the Rise – Here’s How to Avoid Them. (The Simple Dollar)

And finally, for a bit of holiday magic: 88 Piano Keys Control 500,000 Christmas Lights! I Saw Three Ship. (YouTube)

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