Links I Love: January 7, 2018

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy :)

Links I Love

Original image source: Mike Licht


Advocate for yourself at work with this 3-step strategy. (Well & Good NYC)

The Science Behind Why We Should Never Work From Bed. (Buffer)

Are you holding yourself back without knowing it?. (Patty Azzarello)

Considering a career pivot? 5 ways to breathe new life into your work. (Well & Good NYC)

If You’re Tired of Being Interrupted at Work, Try This Technique. (Heleo)


Happy Workers = Productive Workers: Seven Benefits of Positive Emotion in the Workplace. (Laura Stack)

How To Get Out Of That Meeting Once and For All. (Medium)

5 strategies to beat procrastination. (CNBC)

How Ashton Kutcher’s genius email hack can keep you productive and proactive in 2018. (Well & Good NYC)

How To Not Set Goals or Make Resolutions. (Medium)

A Small Change Can Make a Big Difference to Your Year. (Lifehacker)

The Science of When: Hack Your Timing to Optimize Your Life. (Wired)

9 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2018. (New York Times)

If You’re Too Busy For These 5 Things: Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think. (Medium)

Antisocial media: why I decided to cut back on Facebook and Instagram. (Guardian)

Does posting on social media treat symptoms of anxiety?. (Well & Good NYC)

A Comeback for the Gateway Drug Theory?. (New York Times)

A Simple Trick to More Effective Learning. (Medium)

Here are a whole bunch from a newsletter I subscribed to this year, who did an end-of-year roundup of the best ones:

Carpe The Diem. (Friday Forward)

BS of Busy. (Friday Forward)

Tri It. (Friday Forward)

Beautiful Day. (Friday Forward)

Freedom to Fail. (Friday Forward)

Bad Week. (Friday Forward)


This Study of 300,000 People Reveals the 1 Secret to Living a Longer, Healthier Life. (Inc)

How marathons became a big business. (Well & Good NYC)

At Age 101, She’s A World Champ Runner. (NPR)

Paint a (Mental) Workout Picture. (Furthermore from Equinox)

Today in #girlpower news, study says women might be more naturally fit than men. (Well & Good NYC)

How to Get Fitter During the Holidays. (Zen Habits)

How to Use Your Activity Tracker So You Don’t Abandon It Mid-Year. (Lifehacker)

Expert Advice on Optimizing Your Rest Days. (My Fitness Pal)

How to Get a Tiny Bit More Sleep. (New York Magazine)

Can Smiling While Exercising Improve Performance?. (New York Times)


Bomb cyclone’ forces world’s largest passenger jet to land at small New York airport. (Fox News)

American and Southwest Airlines Giving Employees Tax Reform Bonuses. (Skift)

Southwest Airlines to pay $15 million to settle allegations that it colluded to raise fares. (Dallas Morning News)

The top six technology priorities for airports in 2018. (Tnooz)

Airport Secrets From an Architect Who Designs Them. (Skift)

Facial scanning at airports: convenient, but is it legal?. (Tnooz)

The 10 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2018—You’ll Be Surprised. (PureWow)


Research Proves Switching to the Shorter Line Almost Always Backfires. (Lifehacker)

When it comes to bigotry, science says if you hear something, say something. (Well & Good NYC)

The Lifehacker Guide to Assembling the Warmest Bed. (Lifehacker)

4 Ways to Detox Your Home. (Furthermore from Equinox)

Start Your New Year With the Hangover Cleaning Cure. (Lifehacker)

All the Annoying Tech Chores You Need to Do When You Have Time. (Gizmodo)

Budget Your Food Spending in 2018 With These Tried-Tips. (Lifehacker)

Why Cookbook Clubs Should Be the New Way We Entertain. (Serious Eats) I am starting one of these in my neighborhood!

Remove the Pedals When Teaching Kids to Ride a Bike. (Lifehacker)

Read This Letter Before You Rate Your Next Uber Driver. (Attn)

And finally for a laugh: Highly thoughtful grandma doesn’t quite understand how Uber works. (Mashable)

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