Links I Love: March 11, 2018

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy :)

Links I Love

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How ‘Jobs to be Done’ Saved Us From a Costly Mistake. (Medium)

The Mistakes You Make in a Meeting’s First Milliseconds. (Wall Street Journal)

What to Say When Your Boss Shoots Down Your Idea. (Daily Muse)

Ruthless Priorities and Your Career. (Patty Azzarello)

Bias at Work: Three Steps To Minimizing Bias in Performance Reviews. (Buffer)

How I Solved the Gender Labor Imbalance. (New York Times)

The 4 Personality Traits That Keep You From Making More Money. (New York Magazine)

Misogynist conversations women have all the time. (Penelope Trunk)


How To Learn To Love Mondays Again. (Fast Company)

How to turn a bad day around (even if it’s 8 pm). (Yes and Yes)

Using the Concept of Ikigai to Find Financial, Personal, and Professional Fulfillment. (The Simple Dollar)

Want To Become A Multi-Millionaire? Do These 15 Things Immediately.. (Thrive Global)

Scientists reveal how much money it takes to be truly happy. (Big Think)

If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing. (Medium)

Distinction Bias: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices. (Nir and Far)

Conserving Your Willpower for What Matters: Five Ways to Avoid Decision Fatigue. (Laura Stack)

Why You Should Organize Your Life With Lists. (Deep Existence)

Clean While You Cook. (Lifehacker)

The Science of Good Timing. (The Simple Dollar)


A Doctor’s Guide to a Good Appointment. (New York Times)

What you need to know when choosing a therapist. (Well & Good NYC)

What’s the difference between all those international yogurts?. (Lifehacker)

Are Essential Oils BS?. (Greatist)

The super-simple way to biohack your body starts with sleep, according to an MD. (Well & Good NYC)

The Biggest Brain Benefits of Taking a Daily Nap. (Thrive Global)

3 Lessons Climbing a Literal Mountain Taught Me About Losing Weight. (Greatist)

Lift Weights, Eat More Protein, Especially if You’re Over 40. (New York Times)

Why Athletes Crave Chocolat. (Furthermore from Equinox)

Standing for 6 Hours Burns an Extra 54 Calories. (New York Times)

13 Tips for Making Cardio Workouts More Effective (and Way Less Boring). (Greatist)

South African triathlete Mhlengi Gwala in hospital after attack with saw. This is horrific. (BBC World)

Squeezing someone’s hand could actually be an effective painkiller, according to science. (Well & Good NYC)

How to Fit in Exercise While You Travel. (New York Times)


Let’s hear it from women in travel. (Tnooz)

AirAsia Won’t Always Be Able to Fly More Cheaply Than Its Budget Rivals. (Skift)

Hipmunk enhances flight search with features to make comparison easier. (Tnooz)

British Airways Wants to Get Smarter About Selling Airline Tickets. (Skift)

United Airlines on the future of mobile and tracking performance. (Tnooz)

American Airlines Knows if You’ve Been Cheating on It With a Competitor. (Skift)

Unisys aims to ease the travel experience for pets and their humans. (Tnooz)

What’s on the Ryanair 2018 to-do list?. (Tnooz)

Dear Traveling Public: Stop Filming Airline Employees Over Nothing. Amen to this – I hate how litigious and social media focused our society has become. (Travel Codex)

TSA Shifting Focus to Public Areas Outside Security Checkpoints. (Skift)

Can artificial intelligence make baggage tracking better?. (Tnooz)

ACI reveals the world’s most customer friendly airports. (Airport World)

How Boston’s Airport Bounced Back From the Storm That Crippled J.F.K.. (New York Times)

Could heated runways melt away your winter travel headaches?. (Today Show)

Tech expands its reach into all aspects of hospitality. (Tnooz)

Digital money has made it harder to tip the hotel housemaid. (Economist)

Deliver Superior Guest Experiences: The Convergence of Guest Facing Mobile and Service Request Management Systems. (Hotel News Now)

Hotel Minibar Gets an Upgrade Worthy of Wine Connoisseurs. This is awesome! (Skift)

Radisson Hotel Group Now Makes It Easier to Get Elite Loyalty Status. (Skift)

Tishman Speyer Launches Amenities App to Make Their Properties “Stickier”. (Propmodo)

IHG CEO Believes There’s More Opportunity in the Midscale Hotel Sector. (Skift)


What Lawyers Wish You Knew. (Lifehacker)

Knowing When to Splurge – and When You’ll Regret It. (The Simple Dollar)

Can Our Phones Save Us From Our Phones?. (Wired)

Feed Your Kid Dinner at 3 P.M.. (Lifehacker)

Inside the High-Drama World of Youth Competition Dance. (New York Times)

And finally, for a laugh: Realistic Escape Rooms. (McSweeneys)

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