What I Read in November 2018

I only read three books in November, so I think this year I’ll be revising my goal from 100 books to 70 books. Still respectable, but realistic! Now I just need to read aggressively in December, as I’m only up to 61 so far this year. Looking forward to winter break!


I gave four stars to Little Fires Everywhere, so I’ll name that my best book of the month. It’s a lot less meaningful when I only read three books in a month… yikes ;)

4 stars:

Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng: I had heard about this book from SO many people, and it did end up being really good! It was really interesting to contrast the meticulously planned Shaker Heights with Mia’s rebellious creativity, and I thought the legal battle was fascinating.

3 stars:

The Favorite Sister, by Jessica Knoll: I kept waiting for the murderous twist, and it didn’t come till the very end – but I liked the build up! At first, all the switching between characters was distracting, but I finally got to know them halfway through and then I enjoyed it.

2 stars:

An Ocean of Minutes, by Thea Lim: This book had a fascinating premise, but I just didn’t love the characters – I didn’t find them all that likable. I kept reading to the end, but kind of wished I had saved my time and stopped reading.

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