Links I Love: September 13, 2020

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy :)

Links I Love

Original image source: Mike Licht


Will Richard Branson ever be Richard Branson again?. (CNN)

Walmart Is Piloting a Drone Delivery Program. (Morning Brew)

Consumers Stay Loyal to New Brands Purchased During Panic Buying. (Morning Brew)

Nike and Supreme only care about hype, not making you happy. (Input)

Deriving Value From Conversations About Your Brand. (MIT Sloane)

Beer, Band-Aids And Ben & Jerry’s: Why Venture Capitalists Gave Two 27-Year-Olds $1 Billion To Build The Ultimate Online Convenience Store. (Forbes)


Curtis Sittenfeld Reflects on Letting Your Guard Down and Making Connections That Matter. (Real Simple)

Are You An Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?. (Friday Forward)

How To Handle Prolonged Grief for Pre-Pandemic Life, According to a Grief Counselor. (Well & Good NYC)

Kids Can Learn to Love Learning, Even Over Zoom. (New York Times)

I Tried a Week of Mid-Day Naps in my Bed—Here’s What Happened. (Well & Good NYC)

The Lazy Way To An Awesome Life: 3 Secrets Backed by Research. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)


Face Shields and Valved Masks Offer More Comfort but Less Protection. (New York Times)

Don’t Like What You See on Zoom? Get a Face-Lift and Join the Crowd. (New York Times)

How 305 Fitness Founder Sadie Kurzban Is Pivoting Her Business Model Amid Covid-19 Closures. (Forbes)

Dentists Are Seeing an Epidemic of Cracked Teeth. What’s Going On?. (New York Times)


Southwest Airlines’ Corp Travel Biz: A Year On, Down But Not Out. (Skift)

How Covid-19 Is Reshaping Consumer Behavior — and What That Means for Travel Brands Right Now. (Skift)


Zoom Towns And The New Housing Market For The 2 Americas. (NPR)

How to Use an Impact-Effort Matrix For Your Finances. (The Simple Dollar)

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Posting on Social Media Right Now. (Well & Good NYC)

Small Talk. (The Sky I’m Under)

Quarantine Envy Got You Down? You’re Not Alone. (New York Times)

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