Navigating the Midlife Crossroads

I just reread my New Year’s post, and while it ended on a positive note, it was definitely a bit of a downer. I was excited that things were trending upwards, but also afraid that they wouldn’t stay that way. What calamities were still to come?! But I’ve now gotten through February, and things have indeed been getting better and better. As I’ve discussed with my therapist, I keep thinking, “ah, now I’m back to the way I used to be!”… and {Read More}

What I Read in February 2023

I didn’t read nearly as much in February as I did in January – only four books, and one was a novella! Yikes. I’m now coming to the realization that I need to dedicate more time to reading in March, for sure. However, that puts me at 13 books for 2023, which is only 3 books behind where I should be to hit a goal of 100 books for the year. There is definitely time to make up for that {Read More}

What I Read in January 2023

2022 was a huge reading year for me – 122 books, my highest total ever! I don’t think I’ll match it in 2023, though, so I’m keeping my perennial goal of 100 books for the year. Given that I’m a lot more active this year than last year, and with less time for reading, I think it will still be a stretch – and I’m looking forward to the challenge. In January 2023, though, I read nine books – so {Read More}

What I Read in December 2022

I finished the year strong, with 10 books read in December 2022. Although that’s a high number, that’s actually almost exactly my average month – since I closed out the year with a whopping 122 books! That is the most I have ever read in a year (my previous best was 102 books in 2017), and while taking time off work / lying around during IVF probably influenced it, I was proud that I kept the average up even in {Read More}

New Year, New Me

The most cliched title ever, especially for a January post, but… I think it’s fitting. 2022 was hands down the worst year of my life. It wasn’t one thing, but rather, one thing after another – where each time I thought I had found my footing, I lost myself again. The combination of the devastating Marshall Fire and burnout at work led me to take three months off work to deal with my mental health; then I went through IVF {Read More}

How Do You Measure a Life?

Last week, I read a really fantastic novel that was hard to put down – The Measure. The premise is that every adult in the world mysteriously receives a box with a string, and the length of the string indicates how long they are going to live. It’s really interesting as people contemplate how the boxes and strings came to be, whether to open their box, and how society changes and people live their lives differently if they know when {Read More}

What I Read in November 2022

I read ten books in November, and am well ahead of my goal to read 100 books in 2022. In fact, I’ve already read 113 books this year – which is more than I’ve ever read, and there’s still a month to go! I’m really excited to see where I end the year, especially with December break coming up. 5 stars: Chief Of Staff: The Strategic Partner Who Will Revolutionize Your Organization, by Tyler Parris: I recently became Chief of {Read More}

Colorado Gives Day with Breakthrough at AVCF

I’ve written a lot in the past about my life changing experiences volunteering with Breakthrough Colorado (formerly known as Defy Ventures – see posts here and here). It was five years ago that I first went into Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility to volunteer. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we haven’t been able to run any in-person classes there since 2019. Today, for the first time in two years, we were back to kick off our third cohort at this facility. As {Read More}

What I Read in October 2022

I read eight books in October, which is right on pace where I like to be, even though I’m already well ahead of my goal of 100 books for the year. The three that I gave five stars to were all very different: a serious historical fiction novel, a light romance, and a business book that I can’t recommend enough about changing the hustle culture in corporate America. 5 stars: The Golden Doves, by Martha Hall Kelly: As with all {Read More}

What I Read in September 2022

I read a lot in September 2022 – 9 books, or more than two a week! (Though two were pretty short.) However, there weren’t a ton of standouts, for better or for worse – I gave everything either 3 or 4 stars. 4 stars: Uncharted Waters (Getaway, #1), by Sally Hepworth: This is a short story about a woman who goes on an Australian cruise retreat and learns about herself in the process. Ella is married and plans to take {Read More}