Happy 30th Birthday To Me

When you’re ten years old, you can’t really think for yourself – you go to school and do what your parents tell you. When you’re a baby, you can’t even take care of your bodily functions. So I think that 20 is the first decade where it’s fair to compare what you’ve made of yourself in the world. And boy, have I come a long way since I was 20! Today I turned 30 years old, and I couldn’t be {Read More}

Bluebird Spring Ski Day at Winter Park

So first, let’s start with the boring disclaimer: I’m so sorry to not be posting as much lately; things have just been so busy! New projects at work (i.e., new clients), new projects at home (i.e., contemplating building this pizza oven… any bets on whether I will blow up my new house in the process?), and of course, new activities that I sign myself up for and then later bemoan how busy I am (but seriously, any locals want to {Read More}

Giveaway: Kodiak Cakes and Movie Tickets

I’ve had a fabulous couple of days in Puerto Rico, but now I’m headed back to the mainland US for the weekend. Not to Colorado just yet though – I scheduled a 36 hour layover in Florida, where I’ll visit with a college friend (and get to meet her new baby!), then run the Melbourne Music Marathon on Sunday morning before I fly back home later that night. It should be a fun weekend! Right now, though, I have to {Read More}

An Engaging 1920s New Years’ Eve

Last night was a truly wonderful New Year’s Eve! It kicked off with a few of my girlfriends coming over to my place for some food and champagne before we got ready to go out. I popped a bottle of Rosa Regale that I had picked up for my housewarming months ago, which we had forgotten to open at the time. New Year’s Eve seemed as good an occasion as any! In addition to the small bites that I had {Read More}

A Few of My Favorite Things (For Surviving the Holidays with One Arm)

Today I get my splint off, and I am so excited! While I realize that the two weeks my left arm has been immobilized is a pretty short time period in the grand scheme of things (and I hope I haven’t been driving you all nuts with my whining about it!), it’s really been a pain to not be able to use my arm over the holidays. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had to make lots of adaptations! Before I {Read More}

A Solo Christmas

My Christmas was really different this year, but it actually turned out to be really cool. It was my first Christmas being solo in Colorado, instead of being with my family, and at first, I was worried that I was going to be lonely. I had originally planned a bunch of activities for the day, but when I ended up needing to get the on my arm the week before, a lot of those activities were no longer feasible. (For {Read More}

Holiday Shopping Single-Handedly (Sponsored by Softcard)

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Softcard. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Although I knew I’d be laid up after surgery, I didn’t realize quite how useless my left arm would be. I knew it would be stuck in the cast, but didn’t realize how sensitive it would be to movement. Literally just thinking about moving a muscle or twitching my fingers in any way sends pain shooting {Read More}

Home From the Hospital and Small Victories

Hello! I am home from the hospital and sooooooo happy to report that everything is way better than what I was expecting. For once, though, this post will be very short. It’s difficult (and frustrating) to type with only one hand! I was terrified when I got to the hospital… there was a lot of time spent just sitting around in a hospital bed, filling out forms, and getting prep stuff done. As I promised, I had written “do not {Read More}

The Countdown Clock is Ticking

There is just never enough time in the day, is there? On Friday night, I went to bed at the gloriously early hour of 8pm and slept for 11 hours… I so needed that! I can’t remember the last time I caught up on sleep with that many hours in a row. (And it was a sound, deep sleep, too.) No, you can’t make up for long-term sleep debt, but research shows that it does help if you catch up {Read More}

“Live Your Legacy”: Life Lessons from the Bakken Invitational (Sponsored)

I mentioned on Thursday how nervous I’m starting to get about my surgery next week… and now that the day is getting closer, my fear is growing even more. What if they can’t find the source of the problem and fix it? After a lot of really painful testing, my doctors think they have an idea of what’s wrong, but they’ve also admitted that mine isn’t a standard case and the surgeon basically is not going to know what he {Read More}