How to Choose Your Fall Marathon

My good friend Adam recently chose Detroit Marathon as his big fall race. Unlike me, Adam is pretty serious about training for a fast time, and he usually does one all-out effort per season. I, on the other hand, and more likely to do half a dozen races per season, but just “for fun” and not as races. Let’s face it, running in a marathon is a great excuse to go see a new place :)  I know that most {Read More}

2014 NYC Marathon: Will You Be In?

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of New York Road Runners (NYRR). While the overall theme of my blog has been marathons and goal setting, it feels like forever since I’ve run a marathon. It seems like every January, I kind of run into this a little bit – the holidays and cold weather make the races fewer and farther between, and I always look at March as when “spring marathon season” starts back up in {Read More}

Race Report: ING New York City Marathon (Part 3)

After crossing the halfway point of the NYC Marathon, I was still flying high and feeling good. The photographers kept capturing tons of pictures of me grinning like a banshee, and one thing I forgot to mention in part 2 of my recap was how I was tearing up at least once every single mile. I could not believe how unbelievably lucky I was to get to run my 100th marathon in my hometown, with thousands upon thousands of cheering {Read More}

Race Report: ING New York City Marathon (Part 2)

When I left off with Part 1, I was crying at the start as New York, New York played over the loudspeakers. Not a bad cliffhanger, huh? It took a little while for me to cross the start since I was toward the back of my wave, but that was just fine with me – it meant more time to sing along with Frank Sinatra and hopefully get my tears over with before starting to run. However, it did not {Read More}

Race Report: ING New York City Marathon (Part 1)

I didn’t sleep well the night before the race, waking up multiple times throughout the night. When my alarm finally went off, I didn’t feel my best – and that was compounded by the fact that my upper back/neck was super tight. Clearly I had been stressing out a lot more than I thought if it was enough to aggravate my old muscle injury! Fortunately, one night of stressing wasn’t enough to put me into agonizing pain, and I was {Read More}

Night Before the Race: New York City Marathon

This year, like every other time I’ve run the New York City Marathon, I’ll be writing my recap in multiple posts. This marathon is too amazing for me not to share every single detail! But this year, unlike every other time I’ve run the New York City Marathon, I will be actually completing the multiple posts, instead of just leaving you hanging. Hooray! (And in bonus good news, I just found a whole bunch of almost-complete-but-never-published race reports on my old {Read More}

Dallas Friends: Come Fly With Me!

It’s been a really long day and I have a 6am flight to Dallas in the morning, but I wanted to let y’all know that Flywheel Texas is doing something amazing for me tomorrow. One of my favorite instructors is hosting a victory-themed ride of power songs tomorrow night at 6:30pm at the Highland Park location, so if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, I’d love for you to come by and celebrate with me! My legs are a tad {Read More}

Thank You!

Today was one of the most magical days of my life, and it’s mostly due to all my incredible friends and family who supported me on such a beautiful day. Of course a full race report is to come, but the short version is my legs are fine (“after all, they are mine” / I actually didn’t listen to any Fun during the race; just the fun of the spectators!) while my face is insanely sore from smiling so hard {Read More}

I Finished My 99th Marathon!

I am so, so, SO happy right now!! I have been very nervous about my plan to have NYC Marathon be my 100th marathon. At the time that I signed up, I still had to run 7 marathons before I could tackle New York as my 100th. That was a lot of pressure! So many things can go wrong in a marathon – you can get sick/injured, or the race could get canceled for something totally beyond your control (heat, {Read More}