Hiking Report: Mount Bierstadt (14,060 feet)

This delayed hiking report is from my summit of Mount Bierstadt on Tuesday, July 5th. I didn’t mean to delay this much in writing it! However, the few weeks in between when I did the hike and finished writing it up has also given me some fresh perspective… I had a four day weekend (Saturday July 2nd till Tuesday July 5th), and while it kind of started off slowly and lazily, it ended on a literal high note! As I {Read More}

Solo Hiking Report: Mount Spaulding and Mount Evans

This has been a pretty busy few weeks for me! This week I am wrapping up the second of two major projects I’ve been working on over the last year, and I’m also gearing up to start my new project next Monday. (Stay tuned for more on all of those work things.) But last week, I was clocking 12-16 hours of work each day, and by Friday, I desperately needed a break. I knew that I would still be working {Read More}

Hiking Report: Mount Princeton (Part 2)

After a fairly sleepless night, I woke up pretty grumpy. After all the scariness the night before, the last thing I wanted to do was take on any more danger by hiking! (Yes, I know Mount Princeton isn’t particularly dangerous, but hiking always carries some risk, and it seemed like we were not very lucky on this trip so far.) I was fully prepared to lobby for us to just fix the flat tire and head home, but after a few minutes of {Read More}

Hiking Report: Mount Princeton (Part 1)

What a weekend! Remember when I was supposed to climb my first fourteener (actually, two – I was going to attempt the double summit of Gray’s and Torrey’s) a few weeks ago? Well, this Friday finally found me on my way to do that – this time, at Mount Princeton in the Sawatch Range. We didn’t leave town until around 6:30pm, which meant that we’d get to the mountain around 9:30pm – just early enough to set up camp in {Read More}