Night Before the Race: Hartford Marathon

After having such a miserable time at the Yonkers Marathon, I┬áreally wanted Hartford to go well – and so I was pretty nervous in the days leading up to the race. In particular, this time around, I was much more careful about what I ate! I started my carb loading on Thursday, having a bagel for breakfast, Indian curry over rice for lunch, and pizza + beer with Laura, Theodora, and Ashley for dinner. (Okay, so the beer wasn’t the {Read More}

Celebrating my accomplishments

I’ve been a bit of a lazy bones so far this week. Of course, I had the Christmas festivities on Monday/Tuesday, but starting on Wednesday, I basically became a sloth – lying in bed, catching up on email/blog stuff, catching up on TV, and reading a bit too. Thank goodness for Mr. Ray at Pedal NYC – he whipped me into shape! Action shot intentionally blurry because I was doing my inverted rows THAT fast, obviously. My arms were insanely {Read More}

News and updates

Oh yes, I’m here, just busy. I ran the Wall Street Run last week and have quite a story to tell there… but am optimistically hoping I’ll have time to write it up as an official race report and post it. No guarantees though – you all know I’m terrible about that. I’m currently wrapping up my project in NYC and will soon be shipping out to Dallas for at least the next few months – yes, back to the {Read More}

Interview #2: B94.5 with the Morning Zoo

After my appearance on New York Nightly News, it would seem that the media at large have decided I have “a face for radio” :) Just kidding. But I am about to make my faceless debut! For those of you in the State College, PA area, be sure to listen to B94.5 tomorrow morning – I’ll be on the air at 8 AM to talk about my marathon journey! If you’re not in the listening area, as far as I {Read More}

Interview #1: New York Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough

Last night, my world record breaking self appeared on New York Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough. It was a crazy experience! The show was from 7:00pm-8:00pm, but I wasn’t going to be on until the last ten minutes, so I didn’t have to get there until 7pm. When I arrived, I was shown to the greenroom, told that the makeup room was next door, and that someone would come get me when it was time to go on. No more {Read More}

I Am a World Record Holder!!!

Home again, and I don’t want to keep you in suspense! I’m exhausted, but figured I’d at least leave a quick recap for now in Razzdoodle style bullets: I ended up wearing the sash that my mom made for me, which I loved. However, it was a little hard to read it because of the script-y font, so a lot of spectators were kind of confused. One guy called me Miss America (inaccurate, but rather appropriate considering I did run {Read More}

Final Countdown!!!!

This weekend is my final marathon when I set the world record… eeek!!!! So much to do (including finish these last few race reports, I know). I’ve been getting really stressed out that I haven’t prepped enough and I’m not ready for this final marathon. But then what comes along to brighten my day… Lemondrop, an affiliate of AOL, just posted a really long interview with me!!! With that to bolster my spirits and make me feel all famous and {Read More}

Race Report: Vermont City Marathon

The first thing I felt when I woke up was nervous… had it been a terrible idea to eat all that fried food and then drink beer for dinner? The answer was, surprisingly, no – I was a bit dehydrated from the alcohol, but other than that was totally fine. Yay! I tried to be very quiet while getting myself together so as not to wake up our roommate, Sara, but as it got closer to time to leave, my {Read More}

Race Report: Fargo Marathon

After a 5 minute walk that totally drenched my hair and face, I arrived at the Fargodome where the start and finish of the race were. It was like a huge stadium that was entirely covered, and when I headed into the main part of the “Dome”, I found that they still had vendors from the expo set up all over the field. Even cooler, I discovered that the race finish was inside the Dome, with bleachers on either side {Read More}

Race Report: Lake Geneva Marathon

After I got done with work yesterday, I hopped into a rental car and headed up to Milwaukee. How convenient that I was in Chicago for this week for work – just a quick 90 minute drive up to Milwaukee, where I was staying with a friend of a friend, then 45 minutes from there to the race, and another 90 minutes back to O’Hare after the race! What an easy trip. The traffic sucked, of course, but that’s par {Read More}