Race Report: New Jersey Marathon

Despite getting about 10 hours of sleep the night before (hurray for 9am race starts!), I didn’t feel that well-rested when I woke up. I hoped that wouldn’t spell trouble when it came time to pace. We had a very easy drive to the start (hooray for the race website advising us which hotels wouldn’t have traffic on the way to the race, and me ending up in one of those!). Once there, I immediately headed off to find Dave {Read More}

Night Before the Race: New Jersey Marathon

Friday night, my flight home from Chicago was canceled, and they had rebooked me on Saturday morning to return home. Yikes! Cutting it too close for comfort for me to get to New Jersey on Saturday, plus I didn’t want to stay in Chicago for another night. Fortunately, I persuaded the gate agent to let me try my best to dash through security to catch the 5pm flight (the only one that hadn’t been canceled), and it worked – I {Read More}

Race Report: Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

So I thought I was all set for a stress-free marathon, until my mom sent me a message with the weather forecast and some details about the course from Marathon Guide (PS – don’t I have the best stage-mom-turned-marathon-coach ever?!). There was tornado warnings for the area all night Friday and in the afternoon on Saturday, as well as thunderstorms predicted for Saturday during the race. Seriously? To add to that, the course was known for its brutal hills. I {Read More}

Race Report: Boston Marathon, Part 1

I got to Boston around 6pm on Saturday night, and took the Silver Line bus followed by the Red Line T to meet up with my friend Kristen, with whom I’d be staying. I was so impressed by the airport’s accessibility via public transit: it takes about 1.5 hours to get home from JFK, but it took only about 30 minutes to get from Boston Logan to the restaurant where Kristen and I were meeting for dinner. Kudos, Boston MTA! {Read More}

Race Report: National Marathon

I took a half day at work on Friday so my mom and I could get out on a 1:30pm flight. I was so thrilled to have her with me for this trip! My mom is so supportive and I just love having her along with me for marathons. This one was especially nice because it was a quick and easy trip that I knew she’d enjoy (she’s not a fan of long plane rides). We arrived in Dulles around {Read More}

Race Report: Run Through Time Marathon

I had a bit of a crazy time getting to the race, though it was more a fault of our plan than any big mishaps. My friends and I were on a 9pm flight out of JFK that ended up about 30 minutes delayed – not a huge deal, but cost us some time. When we landed, it took longer than we expected to get our bags/ski equipment, get our rental car, and drive to Keystone Resort where we were {Read More}

Race Report: Little Rock Marathon

Because I had made it to bed at 9:30pm on Saturday night, I felt pretty well-rested waking up at 6:30am. Aaron had warned me the night before that he was going to get up at 5am in order to eat breakfast and shower, an idea I pooh-poohed. Why would you shower before you run a marathon? It made no sense to me, though he said he didn’t know anyone who didn’t shower beforehand. So strange to me! So I pose {Read More}

Book clubs galore and a productive Thursday

Last night was a total blast! In the last year, I’ve joined a bunch of book clubs (some serious, some light). Last night, one of them met at this great Italian restaurant that offers ladies’ night on Wednesdays: all-you-can-drink house wine with the purchase of any entree. Perfect! I got a vegetable thin crust pizza and a ton of red wine – great way to get through the midweek slump :) This morning, I woke up a few minutes before {Read More}

What to reveal, what to reveal…

Wow! Thank you all for the amazing outpouring of support. I was particularly surprised to learn that I was in good company: a lot of people who started blogging at the same time as me came out of the woodwork. In particular, I discovered that Jess from Pieces of Me had gone AWOL for months… and made her return just three days before I did. After posting a comment on her blog about it, she replied with, “Ahhh, the big {Read More}

Here I Am

This weekend, I ran the Austin Marathon. While in Austin, I stayed with my old blog buddy Chia. Turns out, she abandoned her blog too – which made me feel a tad bit better for not posting for so long (I felt really guilty, especially after all the comments wondering where I was… but just couldn’t bring myself to post). However, it also made me realize how much I missed all of you, and really gave me a kick in {Read More}