Marathon advice from the pros

I mentioned in my Niagara Falls Marathon Race Report that I was initially intimidated by getting to speak at the expo, since seeing Kathrine Switzer speak there four years ago. I’m certainly no K. Switzer! However, there was also a world-class athlete speaking this year: Olympian Reid Coolsaet. Reid ran his first marathon in 2009, finishing in 2:17. Since then, he’s run the second-fastest marathon by a Canadian athlete (2:10:55), and through doing so, qualified for the 2012 London Olympics! {Read More}

Taking some "me" time

Sometimes, I just can’t do it all. I try. I try very hard. Most of my friends say that I’m the busiest person they know – and I really like it that way. I love bouncing from one thing to the next – from a long run to brunch to an off-Broadway show to a yoga class to dinner with my Dad to my best friend’s apartment for a movie (that is my actual plan for Sunday at the moment… {Read More}

Marathon myth: Test your outfit before race day

In this weekend’s marathon, I had the chance to wear a brand new all-Athleta ensemble. I went a little nuts at their semi annual sale a few weeks ago, and at first I picked out the adorable hot pink PR tank and gray Quick Step capris that I’m wearing in my official Athleta profile. However, the more I thought about running in mid-60s temps (glorious!), I realized that I would probably be hot in capris, so I decided to pick {Read More}

Comforting without food

Man, I am in a funk. I don’t know if it’s because I had a stressful morning at work before I had to fly out (conferences in Chicago for the rest of the week). It could also be because I wasted time on the flight watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and Meredith has really become a drag in the last few seasons. Either way, I am just in a bit of a not-so-good mood… and instead of keeping it to {Read More}

Help Wanted

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day for me on several fronts. Work wasn’t going so well – we had a few meetings that just didn’t go as well as we hoped. Meanwhile, I had stayed up super late on Wednesday night in order to get caught up on my Thanksgiving Half Marathon race report so that I could then follow up with the subsequent posts I’ve been writing in the meantime. I didn’t get to bed until 2am, {Read More}

Advice given and taken

I’m back from Kansas! Race report to come, but the short version is that it went fine and I finished right on my 4:20 pace. So after the race… I got home around 8:30pm, managed to again use my superpower to eat, get unpacked, and get dressed to go out in 30 minutes flat. Bam! I am pretty awesome at being low-maintenance :) I intended to just go out and not drink, since I’ve had this nasty cold for about {Read More}

Review: Buds Surround Sound Earbuds

In honor of the music-friendly Portland Marathon this weekend, I thought I’d post a review of my favorite headphones. I have some pretty strong opinions on the whole headphones/no headphones while running thing, but in short my opinion is this: I like music, and I like listening to it while I run. I keep the volume very low (one of my biggest pet peeves is people on the subway who listen to music with headphones and I can still hear {Read More}

The upcoming ice cream is giving me cold feet

I started getting scared this morning when I read Julie’s comments on my post yesterday about my marathon excuses, and how the VCM can really kick your butt. Then I got an e-mail this afternoon from the race organizers: Hi Runners, We’re only a few days away from marathon weekend! You are receiving this email because you are a registered Marathoner. It goes on from there with some logistics but oh my gosh, I am a registered marathoner! What did {Read More}

Getting into running

Please note that this post is my completely uneducated opinion. I am not a doctor, and while I’d like to get certified as a personal trainer, I haven’t even gotten as far as choosing which certification to start studying for yet. Instead of trusting me, you should probably talk to your doctor before starting a vigorous exercise program if you’re overweight/older than 10/have any medical problems including a sniffly nose, bruise on your left elbow, or chapped lips. Lately the {Read More}