Getting to the Race: Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare and Custom Itineraries

Recently, I posted about the financial implications of running marathons in each of the fifty states. At the same time, there were several bloggers who posted questions about how to save while traveling. There are a LOT of misconceptions out there about airlines and pricing, and since airline pricing is the one area where I’m “kind of a big deal” (ha), I thought I’d write a post clearing some things up. Some of this is taken from comments I posted {Read More}

Drinking and Dreaming: The Night Before the Race

With this weekend’s marathon being just outside of Vegas, I thought it would be fun for Boyfriend to come along. Though we opted not to stay in a hotel on the Strip (we decided to stay at the host hotel out by Lake Mead), the host hotel had its own casino, so the idea was that we’d arrive around 9:30 PM, grab dinner, and then he could hang out at the casino while I rested up for the flight. Unfortunately, {Read More}

Would You Pay? (An Airline Game)

Today at work, we were discussing RyanAir’s announcement that they will be charging to use lavatories inflight. I’m all for this decision. I don’t often use the lavatory inflight, and if I really needed to, I’d be happy to pay a few bucks to do so. However, one of my coworkers pointed out that some people will do anything to save a few dollars, and that it might result in some rather disgusting behavior. I definitely think that is unacceptable; {Read More}

Today I got to fly over Manhattan!!!

What I mean is, I, Laura, got to fly a plane over the island of Manhattan!!! Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the real Manhattan, and maybe it was just a simulation, but the instructor was still pretty pissed when I narrowly missed the Statue of Liberty! To explain: while en route to Orlando for training, my new manager called me with an interesting proposition: how would I like to try out the flight simulator used for pilot training? I told {Read More}