4:30 Marathon or Bust! Treadmill Workout

On Monday, two weeks after my last marathon (yes yes San Diego race report still in progress), I finally got back to running. While in upstate New York on Monday morning, I went for what was supposed to be an easy three-mile jog around the SUNY Albany campus. It was beautiful scenery, but my legs just felt heavy and dead throughout – I think from all the squats in Refine Method on Sunday) – so it wasn’t quite as relaxing {Read More}

Whirlwind (Long) Weekend

What a whirlwind (long) weekend! Friday was fairly low-key until the evening, when I ushered a friend off to a second date that I later found out went fabulously well. Following my pep talk, I stayed to hang out at the bar (Valhalla – one of my favorite beer bars in the city) for an hour or so, and then it was off to my friend Jon’s “Influencers” cocktail party. Jon is one of those people who seems to know {Read More}

Race Report: Adirondack Distance Run

This weekend, I had my sister-in-law’s baby shower to attend in Saratoga, NY. Since I would have to be in town for the shower anyway, I decided to add another purpose to my trip – the Adirondack Distance Run. The Adirondack Distance Run is a 10 mile race that begins at Lake George High School (or this year, the Fire Department), takes two turns to get out to the main road, and then turns onto the lake road and heads {Read More}

Race Report: HMRRC Winter Marathon

After an insane week at work, I’m finally back – and with a race report from last week’s awesome Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club Winter Marathon. Happy Thursday, everyone! I woke up on Sunday morning feeling not-at-all ready to run a marathon. Despite going to bed super early the night before (9pm! On a Saturday! And I spent 7pm-9pm lying in bed catching up on episodes of Smash, so clearly I am a party girl), I have long noted that {Read More}

A sick start to the week

After taking the day off Thursday and then spending Friday working from bed, you would think that I would be better. In fact, on Friday I felt good enough to do a bit of yoga at night. I didn’t really work up a crazy sweat like I do with regular Insanity, but I did get a light sheen that felt great – like I was sweating the toxins right out of me. I stayed in on Friday night, since I {Read More}

Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Today I got an interesting offer: to be a pacer for the Key Bank Vermont City Marathon. As long-time readers will remember, the VCM was my first marathon ever. (It was also supposed to be my only marathon ever, but that didn’t really work out). I picked it because it was close enough that my mom and high school best friend could easily come, it was a big field but not a mega-marathon, and most importantly, it was sponsored by {Read More}

Race Report: Bruegger’s Bagel Run 5K

Today is a red letter day!!!!!! (Warning: extreme use of exclamation points ahead. Number of exclamation points used in this post: 51. Can you tell I’m psyched?!) I woke up, hit the bathroom, and immediately went to the scales for the final weigh in of the Worth Your Weight Challenge. 126.6 baby!!!!! This is the lowest weight I’ve been since January, when I started traveling, and it’s hard to believe that I got here in just over a month from {Read More}

Race Report: Dippikill Froggy Five Miler

On Sunday, we didn’t have a morning run scheduled – just the race at 9 AM – so breakfast was early (7:30) and then we had free time just to pack, relax, and get ready. Because I had been so tired for the last few days, I planned to sleep in until 8:30 or so, and then just grab something light for breakfast, because I’m not used to eating much before running. Unfortunately, my stupid body clock roused me at {Read More}

Running Camp Debrief

On the way up to camp, I realized I forgot a towel. Fortunately, we passed a great Family Dollar in the town of Warrensburg where I was able to get two huge beach towels for only $5 each. Score! I arrived at camp a bit early, so I made up my bunk. I was staying in a bunk room with ten other campers… it was totally like going back to band camp in middle school (yes, I went to band {Read More}

Race Report: Boilermaker 15K

Overall, I just did a really lazy job on Sunday. I had this awful sense of entitlement (“I just did two marathons in two weeks… I deserve to go easy on myself and walk”) throughout the race. I’m disappointed that I got rewarded for my efforts with a PR because… come on, I don’t want to reward myself for being lazy. Though I guess to look at it in the opposite way, it’s great that I can PR even without {Read More}