Review: YMX by Yellowman

Recently, I’ve been biking a lot. It’s been almost a full year since I first started taking Flywheel Texas, but ever since my injury prevented me from lifting, it’s now become the only one of my usual classes in Dallas that I can still take. Meanwhile, Flywheel is currently running a three week “Grab your passport and FLY” challenge, in which participants get a stamp on their passport for each Texas region instructor they try. The combination of these two {Read More}

Whirlwind (Long) Weekend

What a whirlwind (long) weekend! Friday was fairly low-key until the evening, when I ushered a friend off to a second date that I later found out went fabulously well. Following my pep talk, I stayed to hang out at the bar (Valhalla – one of my favorite beer bars in the city) for an hour or so, and then it was off to my friend Jon’s “Influencers” cocktail party. Jon is one of those people who seems to know {Read More}

Weekend Recap: 80 Miles in Colorado Wine Country

Boy, it took me a week and a half to write my Wineglass Marathon race report – and now I’ve already had another epic weekend that I want to write about! I really need to get better about blogging in a timely manner… After some morning meetings in Dallas, Friday found me on a tiny plane to Grand Junction, Colorado. The second I stepped off the plane (and actually, even while we were coming down for our landing and I {Read More}

The Many Benefits of Alcohol-Free August

Last weekend, I felt kind of lame about how my alcohol-free August was shaping up. As one commenter pointed out, there is a lot to do in New York… so why wasn’t I going out and doing those things? Well, for a¬†few reasons, the first being that while there is a lot to do during the day without drinking, it’s just not really possible to run errands/go shopping/do other things on my to do list late on a Friday or {Read More}

It’s My Birthday! (Announcing: Laura’s Birthday Fun Run!)

As I obnoxiously screamed to anyone and everyone last year after a champagne brunch, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” :) Last night, I hit the gym and was totally euphoric about how well I did (I was motivated!)… but then I crashed big time. Perhaps we can blame it on low blood sugar (I lifted hard and then had a snafu with my dinner order that made me wait longer than I would have liked to refuel), but I found myself really {Read More}

Grateful and Proud

Grateful, grateful, truly grateful I amGrateful, grateful, truly blessed and duly grateful. (Okay, if you’re not a total musical theater geek and don’t know John Bucchino, those lyrics will mean nothing to you, but trust me, it is an incredibly sweet and moving song – take a listen.) Today I read a post that made me really sad – though I don’t think that was what Lauren intended when she wrote it. Please, go read. After reading Lauren’s post, I {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Homemade Veggie Ramen Noodle Soup

This morning, our Athleta running group was teed up for our first double digit run: 10 miles! The More Half Marathon is just 3 weeks away, and everyone is doing an awesome job with the training plan. Only two long runs left! Last night I went to Katie’s housewarming party and had a great time, but still made it to bed 11:30pm. 8.5 hours of sleep = bliss! Laura stayed at my apartment so that she’d be closer to the {Read More}

Lumps and all, the body of an athlete

Lately, I have not been too happy with my body. Namely, I’ve been unhappy with the way my tummy has grown round, creating a muffin top of beer and nachos and margaritas when I wear my favorite jeans. While I still believe in eating all these things in moderation, I need to get better about making sure that “moderation” does not mean “every single night.” It has become less common for me to eat a healthy meal than it is {Read More}

A mile is a mile

Yesterday was my weekly Athleta long run – and we’re already up to 7 miles! Time flies when you’re with a good group like this one; it’s hard to believe that we are already more than halfway done with the training plan. Every week is a new challenge in terms of being a longer run than the week before, but I’m glad that everyone seems to feel comfortable with the 1 mile increments for increases. It helps so much to {Read More}

Speedwork: The lazy man’s guide to getting faster while making it feel easy (and staying injury-free)

I slept like a log Saturday night, but woke up long before my alarm – at 7:30am. I really am a morning person! But despite getting only 7 hours of sleep, I felt pretty well-rested, and was definitely up for good. I hit the bathroom and the kitchen as part of my usual morning routine, and it wasn’t until I was back in bed curled up with my TV remote that I realized something – my foot hadn’t hurt to {Read More}