Managing myself: the weekend plan

It’s time for my favorite part of the work week… the flight home! Okay, half-kidding about that. I’m actually really loving my job more and more now that I’m moving into a managerial role – I’m totally a people-person, and I love making task lists and organizing things, so it suits me really well. Of course, management has its challenges – it’s scary to be the one that’s blamed if anything goes wrong, and I have to quadruple-check everything – {Read More}

Sunday Funday and a Race Entry Giveaway!

Since there was just too much to tell about my epic 14 mile run for multiple cups of hot chocolate on Saturday, I neglected to tell you all about my Sunday. But now I shall. Saturday night, I stayed out far too late at a friend’s birthday. As in, despite not drinking very much, I was falling asleep on the subway on the way home. From Queens. Danger, Will Robinson! I was fortunate enough to have some good friends riding {Read More}

Ultimate Foodie Weekend, Part 2

Despite my late night at Per Se, there was no sleeping in for me – I was up at 7:30am on Sunday morning to take care of stuff around the apartment before my Athleta group run at 9:30. Unsurprisingly, I woke up not even a little bit hungry (hmm, wonder why?), so I skipped breakfast and tossed a protein bar in my bag to have after the Athleta run. Sunday’s discussion before the run focused on crosstraining. Crosstraining has really {Read More}

The Purpose of Rest Days

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my mom about her half marathon training. It was Wednesday, and she hadn’t had a chance to do a training run yet for the week, so she told me she planned to run one of the “weekday” runs on Thursday, the other “weekday” run on Friday, and then the “long weekend” run on Saturday. Sounds like she’s sticking with the plan, right? No, no, no! I realized that when I first set {Read More}

Cold for the Weekend

My weekend started out a bit early – after a big night out with my work team to celebrate our product launch, I had to get up Thursday morning at 4:30am to head for the airport. I’m wrapping up my current project with three days this week and two days next week (and diving into my next project next Wednesday – no breaks for me). After two quick flights, I landed in Albany, NY, at 9:30am – in time to {Read More}

Marathon myth: Test your outfit before race day

In this weekend’s marathon, I had the chance to wear a brand new all-Athleta ensemble. I went a little nuts at their semi annual sale a few weeks ago, and at first I picked out the adorable hot pink PR tank and gray Quick Step capris that I’m wearing in my official Athleta profile. However, the more I thought about running in mid-60s temps (glorious!), I realized that I would probably be hot in capris, so I decided to pick {Read More}

Power to the She!

I have been keeping a big secret from all of you for a little while. But today, I am super duper excited to finally reveal what it is!!! A few months ago, I heard about the free fitness classes offered at Athleta, and I decided to head for the store and give them a try. I headed over for a group run in Central Park, and had a blast meeting new friends and checking out the store. I liked it {Read More}

Running (and dancing and eating and drinking) with friends

When I laid out my plans for the weekend on Thursday, I didn’t fully intend to accomplish all of them. That was a lot of workouts schedule for just one two day weekend! However, I ended up doing all but one, and had a ball in the process. Viva la busy lifestyle! I woke up on Saturday surprisingly sore – presumably from the bootcamp I attended with Katelyn on Friday morning. When I caught up with her later in the {Read More}

Beginner’s Half Marathon Training Plan – Week 1

While last week was the official kickoff of the Athleta half marathon training program that I’m leading, it was a bit quiet last week due to it being New Year’s Day – we had a small group of four. This week, however, about a dozen women showed up for the seminar and run, and I started to realize just how popular it was going to become! I also got some requests from people who don’t live in NYC to share {Read More}

Fabulously Fit Friday

Today has gone mostly as planned. Woke up at 6am and headed over to Central Park, where I met Katelyn, and we jogged across the park and down 86th Street to Athleta UES. We were taking a “cardio conditioning” class, and for reasons unbeknownst to us, we were told to bring a yoga mat. In case you were wondering how much a yoga mat weighs, it is approximately 50 pounds (not the 5 pounds that I would have guessed). At {Read More}