I want instant gratification!

Last night, my company sponsored what was actually a pretty cool event. We rented out Deep Ellum Brewery for the night, and then brought in a slider food truck for dinner and The Os to perform. Good music, good friends, good food and drinks, what’s not to love? Well, when you’re trying to watch your weight, burgers and beer are not necessarily the top picks. I declared a while ago that I’m giving up beer except for special occasions, and {Read More}

Race Report: Half Sauer Half Kraut Marathon

On Friday, I started getting really excited about the race – but also kind of nervous about how little I had prepared. Since it was German-themed, I planned to run it in my German beer girl costume from last Halloween, but I honestly didn’t know how that would go over. Would it be comfortable to run in? Would I be unbearably hot? However, I didn’t have much time to dwell on it – I had a pretty busy work day {Read More}

Beer Festival / Giveaway

I’m tired of whining about my weight, so this week, I decided something big. I decided to give up my beloved beer. It only takes one look at my blog header to know that I’m someone who enjoys going out and having fun. Despite all the marathons I’ve run, I’ve always been insistent that it be balanced with fun. (The guy I’m currently seeing told me he was surprised when he met me in person, because he thought based on {Read More}

Race Report: Vermont City Marathon

Going into the weekend, I was really excited. While I had a few “obligations” (working the expo booth, doing an hour-long talk on my marathon journey, and of course running the marathon), it was all stuff I was excited to do. Plus, I had plenty of downtime to catch up on sleep, drink beer, eat my favorite pizza, and hang out with my mom, whom I hadn’t seen in a while. This was exactly what I needed to start blowing {Read More}

Running (and dancing and eating and drinking) with friends

When I laid out my plans for the weekend on Thursday, I didn’t fully intend to accomplish all of them. That was a lot of workouts schedule for just one two day weekend! However, I ended up doing all but one, and had a ball in the process. Viva la busy lifestyle! I woke up on Saturday surprisingly sore – presumably from the bootcamp I attended with Katelyn on Friday morning. When I caught up with her later in the {Read More}

Weekend warrior gets some war wounds

My Friday morning started off healthy and wonderful – with a 4.5 mile jog by the river. I felt a bit slow as I ran, but didn’t worry about it, since I wasn’t trying to achieve a certain pace – just trying to shake out my legs a little bit and break a sweat. However, thanks to the accountability of posting my runs to Twitter/Facebook, my buddy Adam later pointed out my pace – around an 8:45 average. I hadn’t {Read More}

Wherever the wind may blow

My roommate apologetically sent me an email yesterday letting me know that the only time Ikea could deliver her new bed was at 7:30am this morning. She felt guilty about the early hour, and promised to try to be quiet. My reaction? No, make lots of noise – that will get my lazy butt out of bed and give me time to go for a nice run before I need to start my day! After all, when life gives you {Read More}

Catching up on the week

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted! My new project is crazy busy and has barely afforded me adequate time to sleep and work out, let alone blog about it, but here’s the recap of what you missed: Monday, I had to be out of the house by 4:45am for my 6am flight to Dallas (and that was pushing it). I didn’t want to push my wakeup time to 3am, so I showered the night {Read More}

Copenhagen Restaurant Review: Relae

After resting all afternoon, I was ready and eager to get going on Saturday night! A few weeks ago, when I first booked my trip to Copenhagen, I started pulling out all the stops to try to eat at Noma, recently taking the title from El Bulli as the best restaurant in the world. However, reservations there are taken 6 months in advance, and it’s next to impossible to get one inside that window. On the bike tour, we rode {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Day – A PSA

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and it seems that everyone’s blog posts are about the various beer-filled celebrations going on. While that kind of party aftermath post would normally be an Absolut(ly) Fit classic, unfortunately, that’s not the kind of post you’re going to get from me. Even before I caught this cold, I wasn’t really planning anything exciting tonight. I’m headed to Denmark for the weekend, so my big plan was to get a Guinness at the airport lounge {Read More}