Good news all around!

In fabulous news for me, I got staffed on a new role at the same client, which will start in January and go through June. Yippee! I really love my current client, DC is a great city, and the new role is right up my alley. Furthermore, I love that I can now start planning my travel for the next few months. I’ve already daydreamed enough about the month of January to have a few things already figured out: Jan {Read More}

What a weekend!

Normally when I visit a friend for the weekend (or even when I host a friend myself), we keep things pretty quiet. I tend to plan most of my trips/tours around eating the local fare (yum!), so I usually just figure out the key restaurants/bars I want to hit, and then play it by ear in between. Not this weekend! My friend Lauren had a jam-packed schedule for my friend Kristen and I when we visited her in Pittsburgh. I {Read More}