Weekend Recap: First Weekend of Summer!

Weekend of May 31 to June 2 My mom flew out on Thursday afternoon, after a fabulous week – I wished she were staying longer! However, I was distracted from missing her by the arrival of Craig, who I picked up from the airport just a few minutes after I dropped my mom off. That wasn’t planned, but it was nice to have it work out that way! After Craig and I got home, we were in for the night {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Back from Vienna

After those last two very long blog posts on Vienna and Ragnar, how about a (slightly) shorter weekend recap? I got home from Vienna on Thursday afternoon, and dove right back into life in Superior. My friend Heidi was throwing a “girls’ night in” with a twist: she invited various local beauty vendors to host their services at her house, and all of us got to sip wine and nibble on desserts and hors d’oeuvres in between treatments. Even though {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Wheeling Around Town

Today was the first Monday in months that I haven’t had to fly somewhere – and it was amazing to just be able to work in Colorado rather than commuting across the country! I had an incredibly productive day, and was also able to squeeze in a few errands on breaks. And in anticipation of this ten day long stint in Colorado, I lined up a bunch of fun activities this weekend. Friday night was quiet – I stayed in, ran {Read More}

Rediscovering My Old Hobbies

While working on some of the talks I’m going to be giving at our senior associate training this fall, I’ve been going through the story of how I went from someone who couldn’t run a mile, to doing my first marathon, to a world record. However, my speech coach has been encouraging me to point out something I honestly hadn’t given much thought to before: that just because I picked up the new hobby of running didn’t mean that I {Read More}

Setting a Deadline on Tubing to Work

Today I headed to work in a somewhat unusual way. You’ve heard of National Bike to Work Day, right? Well, Boulder takes that a step further – today was the 8th annual Tube to Work Day! Except… that’s actually not me in the picture. That’s just some random girl who happens to be my exact doppelganger! (And it freaks me out every time I look at that picture and still think she looks exactly like me.) Except that I don’t {Read More}

Adventure Inspiration: Banff Mountain Film Fest

Tomorrow is March 1st, which means it’s about time for me to recap my favorite TED talks of February. However, today I want to talk about an awesome and inspiring event I attended last night: the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Wondering what the Banff Mountain Film Festival is, and how I got to see it in Denver? Basically, the regular festival (which features all short films and documentaries about mountain culture and adventure sports) takes place in Banff; however, immediately {Read More}

Flying Solo at the Colorado National Monument

This weekend, I headed out to Western Colorado for an annual event that my friend Kelly and her husband Den organize: the Den Grand Fondo. It’s a cycling weekend where we do a 20 mile leisurely ride on Friday afternoon, going from winery to winery in Palisades and culminating in dinner and more wine. Carbs to fuel up for the next day, you know? Because on Saturday, we do a 50 mile bike ride that took us up and around the Colorado {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Hiking, Biking, and Red Rocking

This was the most perfect, wonderful Labor Day weekend I can remember. I got to do so many amazing things that are so unique to my new state, and I ended it just feeling like the luckiest person in the world to get to live here! This went a long way toward making me feel better about leaving Dallas and breaking up the routine I’ve had going for several years. On Thursday, I think part of why I was stressed about {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Favorite Bar Bike Tour

This weekend, some friends organized a really awesome event: the Favorite Bar Bike Tour (FBBT). Basically, we all put in our suggestions for favorite bars in the Denver area (especially the ones we don’t usually have an excuse to go to), then the organizers drew up a list and route, and we managed to hit up seven of them over the course of a Saturday afternoon. While the route was really well-planned, this year’s iteration (the 3rd in an annual {Read More}

Hedging My Bets and Increasing the Odds

People are always asking me why I run so many marathons. (Okay, perhaps not lately when I’ve taken a six month break, but usually I get that question a lot.) Most people who do marathons themselves run them once or twice a year, and can’t fathom why I run them more frequently than that. First of all (and most importantly for me), I think running marathons is incredibly fun. I get to see 26.2 miles of a new place, and {Read More}