Are “Fitness Cults” a Bad Thing?

Today I went to a Fly90 class (that’s a fancy way of saying a 90 minute spin class), and honestly wasn’t having a great ride. The instructors were amazing – Ryan Makely is my absolute favorite New York instructor, and he was joined by Danielle Devine (who’s also very popular, though I had never taken her before) and three instructors from the London branch of Flywheel. Cool! But I was just exhausted, and could tell right from the first song {Read More}

Citibiking in the Snow: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I may not have made a New Year’s resolution, but I did set a goal for myself over my Christmas break: to take the subway as little as possible, and take Citibike instead. So far in two weeks of being home in NYC, I’ve taken the subway only once (when I went out in a party dress on New Year’s Eve), and cabs only twice (once home from NYE, and once when I needed to get a whole ton of {Read More}

Dallas Friends: Come Fly With Me!

It’s been a really long day and I have a 6am flight to Dallas in the morning, but I wanted to let y’all know that Flywheel Texas is doing something amazing for me tomorrow. One of my favorite instructors is hosting a victory-themed ride of power songs tomorrow night at 6:30pm at the Highland Park location, so if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, I’d love for you to come by and celebrate with me! My legs are a tad {Read More}

Get More Energy by Giving More Energy

How has it been for me giving up caffeine this month? Not so good. I chose this goal in large part because I was hoping it would encourage me to sleep more, but I’ve recently found that even when I arrange a free morning where I can sleep as late as I want, the most I can get myself to sleep is 7.5 hours. I determined a few years ago on a solo vacation that 8 hours a night is {Read More}

A Quick Bit of Complete Honesty

I’m still behind on race reports. Although I posted my Adirondack Marathon report on Monday, I ran the Yonkers Marathon last Sunday but haven’t even started wrtiing the race report yet. Part of the reason for that is that Yonkers really sucked, but my big confession is that it made me feel like I’m kind of burnt out on marathons. Yonkers wasn’t any fun, and yet I had to run it anyway so that I’d still be on track to {Read More}

Review: YMX by Yellowman

Recently, I’ve been biking a lot. It’s been almost a full year since I first started taking Flywheel Texas, but ever since my injury prevented me from lifting, it’s now become the only one of my usual classes in Dallas that I can still take. Meanwhile, Flywheel is currently running a three week “Grab your passport and FLY” challenge, in which participants get a stamp on their passport for each Texas region instructor they try. The combination of these two {Read More}

Whirlwind (Long) Weekend

What a whirlwind (long) weekend! Friday was fairly low-key until the evening, when I ushered a friend off to a second date that I later found out went fabulously well. Following my pep talk, I stayed to hang out at the bar (Valhalla – one of my favorite beer bars in the city) for an hour or so, and then it was off to my friend Jon’s “Influencers” cocktail party. Jon is one of those people who seems to know {Read More}

Breathe Out

Today I was absolutely exhausted when I finished work – but I had planned on going to Flywheel, where one of my favorite instructors teaches on Thursday nights. It’s a rare Thursday night that I’m in Dallas, and I love Kelly’s class, so I forced myself to go. Surely it would be fine once I was there in the class right? Sadly not. My legs were weak and wimpy and not having it, and while I had gone into the {Read More}

Should You Measure All Your Exercise?

On Sunday, I was invited through my partnership with Fitmapped to check out a brand new studio – Revolve. It’s a spinning studio that offers a few different takes on spin classes. One is hill-focused (“Real Ride”), one incorporates some weights and stretching (“Body Ride”), and one is supposed to be over an hour long and incredibly intense (“Rip Ride”). So, Sunday morning found me dashing out the door of Refine Method to catch a downtown train and meet some {Read More}

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

After working from home (i.e., the hotel) all day and feeling quite lazy, my friend JP revived me by reminding me that we had discussed going to the last Flywheel class of the day. (I had bailed on the 6am in favor of extra sleep, which was glorious.) Grumbling, I went – arriving only two minutes before class and at the mercy of the awesome front desk staff who signed me up and got me a bike so I could {Read More}