What I Read in December 2019

I stepped up my reading game a bit in December to try to make one more push to the end of 2019, and ended up reading 8 books in the month. Not bad! That meant I finished 2019 with 81 books read – far short of my 100 book goal, but still a great amount of reading during the year. Looking forward to hopefully reclaiming my 100 book win in 2020! 5 stars: The Boyfriend Swap, by Meredith Schorr: I {Read More}

What I Read in November 2019

November was an average month for me, reading wise, where I clocked 6 books read. I normally think of this as a month where I’m “behind”, but I’m realizing that I just need to accept that I don’t have as much time for reading as I used to! I currently have 73 books ready in 2019, and know I’m not going to meet my annual goal of 100 books in a year. However, I’m hoping a week at my mountain {Read More}

What I Read in October 2019

I picked up the pace on reading a bit in October, reading 8 books this month. That puts me at 67 books read in 2019. I don’t think I’ll meet my goal of 100 books this year, but I will probably come close – especially with some holiday time coming up! I’m looking forward to cozying up with some books :) 5 stars: Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others, by Robert Glazer: I’ve read Robert {Read More}

What I Read in September 2019

My reading slowed down a little bit in September, but I still wrapped the month with 7 books – which puts me at 62 books read so far in 2019, or 13 books behind. Same as last month, so while I’m not catching up, at least I’m not falling further behind either :) 5 stars: The Unbreakables, by Lisa Barr: LOVED this book so much. It started out light and engaging, but turned into a deep novel with beautiful writing {Read More}

What I Read in August 2019

I was doing a pretty good job reading a lot in August, but then lagged when I was volunteering at Experience Camp for a week. No electronics allowed (bummer for my Kindle!), plus, I was too tired at the end of each night to do more than fall into bed and fast asleep. But I still managed to read eight books in August, and two books a week is right about where I aim to be. I’m currently at 55 {Read More}

What I Read in June 2019

I’m really happy to get back to some more regular reading! In June, I read 8 books – some winners, and some losers. Since it’s the halfway point of the year, my total of 34 books read thus far means I am 16 books behind schedule in my goal to read 100 books a year. While I don’t expect to make up for that, I would like to finish the year with 84 books read – so that I am {Read More}

What I Read in May 2019

Back on track with the monthly book posts! I read 6 books in May, which isn’t how many I would need to be on pace for my 100 books this year goal, but is significantly up from my average per month so far this year (3.3). I’ve been trying to pick up more books I’m dying to read and can’t put down (which often means fiction), and that seems to be working to get me reading more. Hey, whatever works! {Read More}

What I Read in Q1 2019

I haven’t done a “what I read” post since January – oops! That’s partially because I’ve been too busy to create this post, and partially because I haven’t been reading enough to warrant it. So far this year, I’m up to 18 books read – which is 16 short of where I should be if I want to read 100 books this year. We’ll see if it happens, but even if it doesn’t, it’s a good stretch goal to keep {Read More}

What I Read in January 2019

Only three books read in January, which means I’m not getting my year of reading off to a good start. However, I was sick this weekend and caught up on a lot of reading, so hopefully February will be better. I think I may just need to accept that with my other priorities, reading 100 books in a year may not be realistic for me anymore, and that’s okay. 5 stars: The Identicals, by Elin Hilderbrand: Loved this light and fun {Read More}

What I Read in December 2018

In 2018, I had my lightest reading year since I started tracking my books in Goodreads in 2010. But it was a busy year, with my promotion, election campaign, and numerous personal endeavors! I read 3.5 books in December to close out the year with 64 books read. That’s still more than one a week, so not too bad even if it’s not my usual 100. However, I am redoubling my efforts for 2019, and am committing to read (a {Read More}