Boston Marathon (Spectator’s) Report

Everyone else has been slow posting their Boston race reports, so I decided I’ll follow the trend (at least, I’ll pretend that’s why it took me so long). Here at last is my spectator’s report! After a really annoying flight on Sunday afternoon with a screaming baby behind me, I arrived in Boston in time for dinner. I was staying with my friend Adam, and to thank him, I took him out to dinner to a restaurant that’s been on {Read More}

Great start to the day!

I managed to do a full 30 minutes of running on the treadmill! This is a pretty big accomplishment for me. When I run outside, I can go for hours… but when I run on the treadmill, I get bored within the first half mile and have to force myself to stay on. And it was hot in the gym too so I was sweating a ton, making not giving up even more of an accomplishment. But the best part {Read More}

Marathon Monday!

I have a long post from yesterday that I’m halfway done with, so I’ll post that later. But for now, just wanted to say how excited I am… the front runners in the marathon are only about 10 miles away! Time for me to head out because they’ll be here before I know it. Exciting to hear that they’re on track to set a course record, too. My plan is to walk down to mile 24 (it’s a block from {Read More}

Tales from the ER

When I first arrived at the emergency room, I got to go through triage. (I tried calling earlier in the day to book an appointment for when I could reasonably leave work, but they told me that they wouldn’t take appointments at the ER). In triage, I told the nurse that I had a really bad sunburn, and she looked at me quite skeptically, but filled out my paperwork. I sat there for over an hour waiting to be seen, {Read More}

Sun poisoning can be fatal

I found and called a dermatologist in Boston to schedule an appointment. They took all my info to sign me up as a new patient, and then told me I could come in next Friday. I asked if they had anything sooner, and they asked what my symptoms were. When I told them, their response was: “You need to go to the emergency room. NOW.” It turns out sun poisoning can be fatal, and that my symptoms are indicative of {Read More}

Sabotaging my Cooper River Bridge Run

Tomorrow is the Cooper River Bridge Run, which features a pretty steep climb over the bridge. The website says it’s a 4% incline, but they also show an elevation map that I used to calculate the following profile of the course, which doesn’t quite match up: -0.5% for 0.40 miles (0.4 miles total) 0.5% for 0.35 miles (0.75 miles total) 0.0% for 0.60 miles (1.35 miles total) 2.3% for 1.55 miles (2.90 miles total) 0.0% for 0.10 miles (3.00 miles {Read More}

Monday evening at the Westin check-in desk

Westin Reservation Clerk: “How was your weekend?” Me: “It was great; how was yours?” WRC: “Good! And how is the training going?” Me: “Oh, I’m not here for any training… I’m a consultant and my client is in Boston… that’s why I’m here.” WRC: “No, I know that. I mean how is training for the (Boston) Marathon going? Only a few weeks away!” Me: “Ummmm… really well. Yeah, I am all set for Boston. I did a 10 mile run {Read More}

Back from the ski trip and back to killing my legs with long runs

I was exhausted when I got back from my ski trip, but had eaten like such a pig the past few days that there was no way I was going to skip a run. I really need to start getting the mileage up in time for the Brooklyn Half on May 3rd. Additionally, I have the Cooper River Bridge Run next Saturday, and even though it’s only a 10K, I’m a little worried about it: there is a pretty steep {Read More}

Wonderful Friday

The way I normally work:-In an office with no windows-Butt in an uncomfy chair-Laptop sound off-Full suit-Stiletto heels The way I’m working today:-In a hotel room on the 23rd floor with a great view of Boston-Butt in motion as I walk on the treadmill-Laptop blasting some fun music-Track suit-Sneakers I really ought to stay in Boston more Fridays instead of going back to NYC and heading to the office…

Random thoughts after a run

Do you ever get the impression when you’re doing a loop run instead of an out-and-back that you’re going the wrong way? I first noticed this when I started running in Central Park. I entered the park at 72nd Street and headed north, but I felt like everyone was going the other way. The next time I ran the park, I turned south at 72nd Street… and still felt wrong. The same is true here in Boston. Coming from the {Read More}