Weekend Recap: Independence on the Trails

I wrote last week how I was really dreading the holiday weekend. Mostly, I think it was because I’ve been looking forward to the long break from work for weeks… but now that it was here, I was disappointed in the plans I had made. However, it ended up all turning out much better than I expected! (Hooray for low expectations!) On Thursday, I had wanted to do the Skyline Traverse – an 18.5 mile hike that covers 5774 feet {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Mount Victoria in Frisco

Weekend of July 13-14 This weekend was the first one I got to spend with Craig in the mountains with his new van. Since this is likely going to be the template for the rest of my summer, I was super excited! So, first – Craig’s van is actually an RV (a Travato 59K), meaning it’s 22 feet long, has a bathroom (with toilet and shower), and a king-sized bed. So going “camping” with the van is hardly roughing it! {Read More}

Weekend Recap: To the Mountains!

This was one of the best Colorado weekends I’ve had in a long time! It turns out that the rapid speed with which Labor Day is approaching is just the thing I need to motivate me to check off a whole bunch of things on my summer bucket list ;) A lot of big companies let their employees leave a few hours early on Fridays in the summer. My company’s policy is that if you work more than 40 hours {Read More}

Settling a Score and Solo Conquering Mount Sherman

On Friday, I headed to work a little bit more loaded down than usual. While I was wearing my normal Friday business casual outfit, my car was loaded down with quite a few other clothing options: leggings, fleece pants, some long sleeve tees, a turtle neck, a fleece jacket, a rain jacket… and a sleeping bag and tent. I was embarking on my first solo camping/hiking expedition! Kind of like when I ran my first marathon, it is weird to {Read More}

First Forays Into the Woods… Sans Phone

Whew! The downside of unplugging is that when you do plug back in, things get a little hectic. This week has been rather crazy for me work-wise, and since I didn’t get back to Colorado until 1am Tuesday, I also haven’t had a lot of time to get stuff done at home either. My time camping with Adam in Arizona was a lot of fun, though, and I am proud to say that I literally didn’t check email one single {Read More}