Navigating the Midlife Crossroads

I just reread my New Year’s post, and while it ended on a positive note, it was definitely a bit of a downer. I was excited that things were trending upwards, but also afraid that they wouldn’t stay that way. What calamities were still to come?! But I’ve now gotten through February, and things have indeed been getting better and better. As I’ve discussed with my therapist, I keep thinking, “ah, now I’m back to the way I used to be!”… and {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Holiday Party Weekend

Weekend of December 7-8 This was a super short weekend for me… so hopefully that means I can crank out this recap and get caught up on writing these :) I did get home on Thursday night, but my Friday was absolutely packed – first I hosted First Friday for my town, then was off to a dentist appointment, and then I finally was able to flip over to do work the rest of the day. I used to make {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Sick or Lazy? / Workouts Lately

Weekend of February 9-10 This is going to be a pretty short weekend recap… but after Friday night, there’s not a lot to report! Friday was a very big day for me at work. I’ve spent the last few months planning for SheTech Colorado, a one-day conference for high school girls to get them excited about careers in STEM, and Friday it all came to fruition! I was on tap to give some welcoming remarks in the beginning (right before {Read More}

How Much Work Is Enough Work?

This week, I’m facilitating my company’s Discover program, a reward for our newly promoted senior associates that helps with leadership development and also gives them a lot of personal coaching to help identify their individual goals and priorities. I attended Discover myself five years ago, and this is now my third time coming back as the lead “orchestrator” (basically an emcee) of the event. No matter how many times I attend the sessions, though, I always take away something new. (To read more {Read More}

March Goal Progress: Week 3 Check In

I have been really overwhelmed lately, and just generally stressed on all fronts. It didn’t help that last week I got incredibly behind on sleep, which made me feel like a zombie all week. I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately on the importance of sleep and exactly what happens when you go without it (see my Links I Love yesterday). But one of the most compelling sources of sleep information was not an article, but this podcast episode {Read More}

How a TED Talk Saved My Day

Today was a big day at work – I had the opportunity to go before a group of leaders at my client and make a controversial presentation. I worked my butt off all this week prepping materials and support, and woke up this morning nervously excited. I spent the morning making some final finishing touches, but then I had something happen that left me in tears just minutes before my presentation. HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?! Well, thank goodness for {Read More}

Learning to Ask For Help

This week marked the beginning of Lent, and while traditionally you give up something bad for the forty days, I decided that I was going to spend this Lenten season adding something positive instead. I promised myself that I will go to church at least once a week between now and Easter – and that while I’m at it, I’ll “church shop” and check out some new-to-me churches in my area. Although I was raised Catholic, I’m also going to {Read More}

Sponsored: Rewards, Recognition, and Motivation at Work

This morning, while driving to work, I was listening to a podcast I used to love – Stuff Mom Never Told You. In the last six months or so, I feel like it’s taken on an incredibly feminist bent and become very heavily biased (rather than an unbiased source of facts that support women), and I’ve found myself increasingly bored with the podcasts. Cue my wandering mind, which is not what I wanted with my driving zen February challenge! But {Read More}

The Most Interesting Interview Question

I’ve spent the first few days this week in upstate New York, where I’ve been interviewing students for internships at my firm this summer. (And now I’ll be spending tonight in New York as well, thanks to a missed connection on the last flight headed to Dallas tonight… yuck!) Aside from the travel issues, though, it’s been a really successful trip, and I’ve enjoyed getting to speak with so many people about the job that I love. At my firm, {Read More}

Skiing is the New Golf

I’ve never learned how to golf, partly because I suck so much at mini-golf that I figured there was no point in embarrassing myself further. I’ve been forced to try driving ranges like Top Golf at company events, but those thankfully end up being a lot more socializing and lot less actually hitting balls. And then there was that time I was trying really hard to follow a coworker’s tips for good form, and hit the ball (what I thought was) {Read More}