What happens in Vegas… may be posted on my blog

Wow. How to even begin to describe my trip. Especially given the oh-so-popular maxim of “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But let’s see what I can do to tell some Absolut(ly) Fit adventures while keeping intact the anonymity of all those involved :) Wednesday night, I got in fairly late thanks to my changed flight. I was reading “The Recessionistas” on the flight (well, alternating that with falling asleep, since it was like 1am EST and I had {Read More}


You’ve got to love when you IM someone from your company at 6:30 AM, thinking they’re up for some chat, and you share a few personal things in your IM. Then they reply with, “I’m actually in a client meeting right now and my laptop is being projected… we’ll talk later.” (That has nothing to do with either drinking or fitness, but I still wanted to share.)

Why I’m getting nothing done today (blogging is the least of my worries)

Do you remember back in the 90s when you had AOL, you’d get those crappy chainletters and spam not on a BCC list? Then someone would reply-all to the first one, and five others would reply-all to that one telling people they wanted to be removed, and then fifty others would reply-all to announce that you should stop replying-all… etc. That was when people were new to e-mail and hadn’t quite figured out that whole interwebs thing. I thought those {Read More}

Eating healthy is a CLM

I just committed a huge CLM. Translation for those of you not in consulting: Career Limiting Move. Usually this applies to things like screwing up a detail on something we send to the client, checking a bag at the airport, or forgetting a jacket when you’re supposed to wear business formal. Tonight I learned of another CLM: trying to be healthy. Today our workload was manageable, and I didn’t have any team dinners or events planned for the evening. I {Read More}